May 1, 2017

Adventures with Birds

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Before I had surgery, we drastically reduced our schedule weekly, which allowed us more time to go on unexpected adventures. A while back, the weather was absolutely gorgeous and I just knew we needed an adventure. I was talking to my cousin and she mentioned we should take the girls to World Bird Sanctuary. I always love going to fun (and free) things. With a little help from Milestone Baby, we packed our picnic and went on a wild animal adventure.

The girls absolutely loved checking out the different birds – so many bald eagles!  Miss H forgot her “Noculars” so we had to borrow her cousins often. We’ll be sure to bring ours next time! The World Bird Sanctuary is a great place to learn, explore and get hands on experience with birds.  With over 200 animals, it’s a great way to see all that Missouri has to offer with wildlife.

We got to try see how long our wingspans were compared to the different birds. Always fun to measure every trip to compare how she’s grown year over year.

We always pack a picnic and enjoy the scenery and make a morning out of it. St. Louis has so many great free options around the area, so we were able to go to Lone Elk Park next door after the picnic and see the bison and elk.

The Milestone Baby Cards are so fun for documenting first time activities with your child – like this trip!  This would be the perfect gift for a baby shower or for a first time mom. I honestly didn’t know things like this existed and wished someone had given them to us! We have the First Fun Activities Original Edition. From trips to the zoo, plays, camping trips – lots of fun to document!

Thanks to Milestone Baby for making our adventures fun and memorable!


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