June 1, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up – Wedding Edition!

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Happy Monday everyone! Hope you had an fantastic weekend! We sure did!
Saturday we celebrated my Sister in Law’s wedding! The rain didn’t keep us away from having a great day!
Jeff left around 10, and I had the plan of feeding H an early lunch and then driving around to see if she’d take a quick car nap. Success! She was fantastic for the wedding! I brought our Minnie sticker book and snacks and she was perfect for the whole ceremony. After the ceremony, we took family pictures and I scooted H off to my mom’s house for the evening. Apparently they had a blast and went to Costco and had all kinds of fun!

This left me husband free and kid free for 3 hours. Ya’ll, I had NO idea what to do. I drove home rocking out to the first Mumford CD because we all know the new one is wonky. I came home for a bit, and then went to the reception about 90 mins early to help with last minute touches.
The cake!

You know, us being weird.
Because that’s what people with kids do when they are kidless.

First Dance was to Time of my Life and they did the whole dance – jump in the air and everything! It was pretty impressive! Heck, I couldn’t even get Jeff to take dance lessons so kudos to them for hitting it out of the park!

The other fun thing about the wedding was that one of my favorite people is also my cousin, so she was there too! Yay for cousins!

The final staged photo of the night involved sparklers. There was rain and wind, but we managed to hopefully get a fun picture for Jenna & Ryan!

Oh, and then a little Celine Dion came on. You know we had to reenact Titanic then!
And no, I actually wasn’t drinking.
And no, I’m not pregnant.
I know you were thinking it.

The fun even came to a close and the bride and groom are off already in Honduras on their honeymoon! This was the last of all of the kids in the family to get married, so we won’t have any weddings anytime soon! Congrats and here is to many many years of happiness!
So that was our weekend. The rest was pretty boring!
How was your weekend?

4 responses to “Weekend Wrap Up – Wedding Edition!”

  1. Donna says:

    Visiting from the link up! Looks like a great wedding, that cake is such a great combination of sweet, elegant, beautiful and simple! Hope you have a great week!

  2. Jenny Morgan says:

    OK, so first off, you looked absolutely gorgeous! Loved the IG pics from over the weekend! That dress is perfection and it reminds me of the great Facebook debate of "is the striped dress gold or blue?" LOL! I think it's gold, right? 😉 And the Titanic reference—the best pic ever!!!! Happy Monday!

  3. Julie says:

    Where was the reception? We loved the photo booth shot 😉

  4. Darcy says:

    Pretty pictures! The wedding looks so fun!

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