November 30, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up – Holiday Weekend Edition

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What a holiday weekend! We were super busy and I’m looking forward to a bit of quiet this week. Just swim lessons and a couple of play dates!  We were excited because hubs took off Wednesday and he had a 5 day weekend. Of course he got a great break and got sick on Sunday. Go figure. 
Our Thanksgiving with crazy. Lots of places. Lots of visits. We attempted to take a family photo like everyone else and had some major fail going on. Miss H insisted on wearing a necklace because I had one on too. 
Then on Friday MIL invited us to eat breakfast at The Gingerbread House Experience.

Miss H thought that was pretty neat. We ate breakfast and Miss H decorated a gingerbread man with edible paint markers.

Afterwards we went and watched the fountains and pretty sure that was Miss H’s favorite part. 
Her outfits have been super cute lately. She has an amazing personal shopper. LOL I’m totally loving her bigger bows from Julia’s Bowtique. I was on the fence about going bigger, but they are adorable! 
             Sparkle Toms only $11!             Boots (Similar) Leggings (Similar)
The other thing I’m loving are all the fun Christmas crafts! I picked this felt snowman up at the Dollar Spot at Target a few weeks ago and Miss H loves it. I have a feeling I’ll be making some new pieces with some felt I have. She seems to be hiding them.
And if you live in St. Louis, you must try the Brown Sugar Rosemary Latte at Kaldi’s. I’m not a huge Rosemary gal, but this is like drinking a Christmas Tree and it’s heaven. 
We got our Christmas lights hung during nap on Thanksgiving on that crazy warm day that didn’t rain. The Christmas Tree is up. We’re going to keep it undecorated for a couple of days as someone is interested in playing with the branches. 
We don’t have much holiday shopping to do, I just need to decide what to get hubs. Miss H has been done for a while. We picked up a kitchen set for her and she’s going to love it! Christmas ornaments for grandparents have been ordered, just waiting for them to arrive. We have Santa pictures next weekend, it looks like we’re on track!So tell me, how was your weekend? Get enough cranberries and green bean casserole to last you till Christmas?

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2 responses to “Weekend Wrap Up – Holiday Weekend Edition”

  1. Julie says:

    I have a naked tree too – hopefully it gets decorated today!

  2. Jess Scott says:

    What a cutie!!! I LOVE her outfits (and her necklace like Mommy)!

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