November 18, 2015

Visit Cape Girardeau – Weekend Getaway

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It’s not often that just hubs and I get to enjoy some time away. Occasionally a date night here and there, but an overnight? It’s been a while. We were so excited months ago when we found out our favorite band Breaking Benjamin was touring again. We saw them over the summer, but then we found out they were going to be about 90 minutes south of St. Louis in Cape Girardeau with another one of our favorite bands – Shinedown. I called my mom to see if H could have a sleep over and it all worked out great!

Sunday we dropped Miss H off early because Mom was going to lunch and was going to take Miss H. We began our voyage south.

We arrived early and never spending time in Cape, we were a little nervous but excited for the adventure. We ended up staying in Old Cape which is closer to the river and not the nicest area. I thought instead of staying at a hotel, I looked up Bed & Breakfasts. We’d never stayed in one before and I thought for one night, it couldn’t be all that bad.

I picked the Bellevue Bed & Breakfast. It had glowing reviews on the BnB sites and Trip Advisor, so I booked the Cove Room.  We arrived and it was gorgeous, but the houses around it gave us a little uneasy feeling. But, we went for it and it turned out great. The owners Brian and Linda were so sweet and we really enjoyed our stay. It turns out it is a historic house from the 1800’s and Brian gave us a great history lesson when we got there.

Before we checked in, we decided to check out the Riverfront. If you’ve seen Gone Girl, this sign may look familiar. We also ran around looking at Civil War info. If you’re into that sort of thing, it would be a really fun weekend trip.


When we checked in, we got turn down service and chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting. I don’t like peanut butter flavored things, but boy were they good!


After we checked in, we decided to look for some dinner. We opted for the Broadway Biergarten. This was our kind of place all german beers and my favorite was on tap which isn’t common. Hubs opted for a flight and he was in heaven. 


They are also known for their 1lb pretzels. We couldn’t even finish it!

Then onto the show. We ended up having to wait outside for a good half hour even after the doors opened, but we got great seats and didn’t miss any of the show.

First up was Sevendust.

Then Breaking Benjamin. We agreed for some reason the acoustics were off and they couldn’t quite get it together the whole show. Really not much difference from the set we saw over the summer. I think the problem is a couple of years ago we found a website that shows the set list from the last show. It takes a lot of the mystery out of what’s coming next but it also helps when you don’t want to sit in the parking lot and you know what song to leave at in the end!

Then Shinedown. They put on quite the show with pyrotechnics. Some of them were a little loud and scary especially with the events in Paris last week. We agreed something was off on the backup vocals, but it was good. There is that fine line at a concert between talking too much and playing music, and they may have talked just a little too much for my liking.

Overall, good show. Not our favorite, but we enjoyed it.

When we got back I so desperately wanted to take a bath in this old claw foot tub, but we decided to hit the hay because we needed to get back in the morning so I could go to Barre and run errands and of course get Miss H.

Breakfast was beyond amazing which is what the reviews said. This is where I was so glad we didn’t stay in a hotel because I don’t think we could have had this anywhere else. 
First up was a blueberry muffin with a butter center and blueberry compote. 


Next was Apples and Golden Raisins poached in cider and whipped cream.


Then it was Linda’s version of Egg’s Benedict – Omelet style.

So good. I couldn’t even eat everything.

We visited with Linda and Brian during breakfast and we talked all about Miss H. They are expecting their first grandbaby next year and we were sharing our favorite things. Then Linda insisted Miss H have some cupcakes and packed them up for her for the road. If you’re ever in Cape, definitely check them out. Amazing hospitality and genuinely lovely people.

Overall, we had an awesome overnight. I told Jeff in 2 years for our 10 year anniversary we are going on a vacation far far away just the 2 of us again. No cruises – because you know what happened the last time we went on a cruise!

Have you tried a Bed & Breakfast before?
I’ve heard horror stories, and I’m so glad we got a good one!

6 responses to “Visit Cape Girardeau – Weekend Getaway”

  1. Julie says:

    So glad you had fun! Told ya the Biergarten was good!! I wanted to go back for homecoming this year but it just didn't happen…maybe next year!

  2. I love a good BnB! Our first vacation was to a BnB in Gettysburg. The food was ridiculously good and the couple who owned the place were sweet as pie! I am so happy y'all found a good one!

  3. Proud of you for leaving Miss H! We still haven't left our two yet. Even on date nights, we wait until they are asleep to get ready and leave. I need an intervention.

  4. What a perfect mini getaway!! Your food sounded delicious and that B&B did too 🙂

  5. Fill me in, what happened the last time on a cruise? You get pregnant? 😉 My husband is terrified to go on a cruise but I'd love to one of these days! The food looks divine, but of course it would, right stomach sister? Glad you had a good mini vacay!

  6. Jess Scott says:

    So fun, and I loved that you spoiled yourselves a little…you totally deserve it!!

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