February 10, 2015

Valentine’s Day for a 1 Year Old

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We’ve never been big fans of celebrating Valentine’s Day in our house, but we have to do a little something for Miss H. Right now, she is loving books. We sat for at least 2 hours yesterday and read books.  Wonderful problem to have!
Here are some cute Valentine’s Day books and ideas that you could do last minute.
1) Books – These are a few of our current favorites. Love Monster is probably my favorite right now. It’s so sweet! At story time at the library yesterday, they pulled out Llama Llama I love you and she was SO excited! She doesn’t know she’s getting it in a few days!
2) Camelbak – we officially made the switch from sippy cups for water to Camelbaks for water a week ago and it’s been great! No more leaking! I actually picked ours up at LL Bean when they sneak a $10 off coupon in the catalog. Then you get a cup for $5 and free shipping. They come if fun kid colors and designs and are perfect for carrying around. Miss H is getting another one of these!
3) Tea Sets – This is hot on our list right now too. We have the Fisher-Price set, and we also have a Munchkin one for the tub with squeeze cupcakes! So fun!
Hattie's First Valentine's Day

Hattie’s First Valentine’s Day by jenmoo2 on Polyvore
I may have spent $20 total on Valentine’s Day for Miss H. Later this week, I’m going to pick up some flowers at Trader Joe’s so she can have fun flowers in her room. She LOVES smelling ones that I always get. It will be a nice surprise!
Since our wedding anniversary is in March, we stopped celebrating Valentine’s Day. Miss H is sending a few Valentine’s out to some of her favorite friends this week. Hattie Daddy and I will likely make a nice dinner at home and relax. Maybe even watch a movie! I forbid him from buying flowers on Valentine’s Day – it’s absolutely ridiculous how much flowers are. We have a deal that I can have flowers any other day of the year and I get a bunch every time I go to Trader Joe’s – really they have the best flowers for the money!
How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

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