February 15, 2016

Valentine’s Day 2016

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Happy Monday! Did you have a good weekend? We did! Despite the yucky snow keeping us inside on Sunday, we had a fun weekend! Hubs and I don’t “celebrate” Valentine’s Day per say, but I do enjoy doing themed things. We don’t swap gifts or anything like that, but I’ll share what we did do! On Saturday, we ran some errands on the quest for a new laundry sorting system. Being married to an engineer, every part of our lives has to be engineered. So, we found one we liked, we took Miss H to Toys R Us and she used a birthday gift card and we are officially in the Disney Princess phase of life. Ariel is now at out house. Lovely.

While Miss H napped I baked a heart cake. Not too bad for a circle and a square pan. I was all excited about finding the idea on pinterest only to find it was ON THE BACK OF THE BOX. Doh! Oh well, it turned out cute!


Then Saturday night, my BFFie and her husband came over and we all went to Red Robin and came home to play games. We played this weird sheep game that was pretty fun and then we broke out our favorite Ticket to Ride. Gosh, I love that game.

Sunday morning, I was supposed to take Intensive Class at Pure Barre and it was canceled due to the snow, so I whipped up a copycat of St. Louis Bread Co (or Panera evewhere else’s) Broccoli Cheese Soup. It turned out really well!



Then when Miss H woke up we finished off a half batch of cookie dough I made earlier in the week and of course Miss H got a little heavy handed with the sprinkles. To be expected.


Saturday night my MIL called and asked if we had any Valentine’s Day plans and we had said no, we didn’t really celebrate, but she offered to watch Miss H so we could go out to dinner. Of course with it being a holiday none of our usual favorites had reservations so I went with one that I had heard about and booked it on Open Table. As we were driving I pull up the menu only to find out they had a Valentine’s Day only menu (AKA double the price and lobster & filets) and I wasn’t really wanting super fancy or spending an arm and a leg! 
So we canceled and hubs suggested a Babbo’s Spaghetteria instead. It was perfect. No frills, good food and it wasn’t crazy busy. We are already go out later this week, so I wanted to make sure we weren’t going crazy with going out all week. 
And the proof a date night happened!
Our wedding anniversary is in March (8 years O M G) and we usually like to go big for that over a commercial holiday. 

So that was our weekend! How did you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

12 responses to “Valentine’s Day 2016”

  1. Yay for a surprise babysitter!! That's fun that you got to get away for a quick dinner. Your heart cake turned out great 🙂 Snow and sickness forced us to have a low key Valentine's Day this year, but it was still pretty great.

  2. Julie says:

    Disney is the best!!!

  3. Ticket to Ride is the BEST! I got it for Christmas and we're obsessed!

  4. Emily says:

    We made a heart cake too!

  5. Meghan says:

    A surprise date night is always nice! But I totally agree that id rather go big for the anniversary than for Valentine's Day!

  6. Sara McCarty says:

    Cookies, cake and broccoli cheese soup?! Can I please come live with you? I do know where you live… 😉

  7. We celebrate our 8 year wedding anniversary this year too!!! Those sheep game pieces look like cupcakes (or maybe I was just hoping?)

  8. Farrah says:

    That cake looks delicious. Miss H. did a great job decorating! I was super sick so we didn't get to go out for V-day/18th Anniversary. So we will this weekend.

  9. Going out on Valentine's is usually a nightmare. Much better on an anniversary! But I do love a good broccoli cheese soup.

  10. That heart cake looks so good!!! For Valentines day I studied and ate M&M's haha 🙂

    Edye // Gracefulcoffee

  11. This post has way too much delicious-ness in it! What is that game all about?! I totally need to check it out!

  12. It will always be Bread Co to me! And I hate that restaurants jack up the prices, which is why poor BTR never gets to go out for his birthday (the day before Valentine's Day) because I won't pay extra! 😉 I swear I'm a good wife!!

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