April 7, 2017

Tidy with a Toddler – Easy Chores for Toddlers

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We have officially been in construction of our kitchen for 4 weeks. We were out of the gate guns a blazing and now we’re at a complete halt waiting on our counters tops to be finished. Let’s just say that first week our house was a disaster zone and one area of the house I couldn’t handle being a mess were our hardwood floors. Luckily our contractors covered the majority of them up, but when they were done, we were left with a layer of sawdust, sanding dust and more. That thick layer of gunk everywhere just sent me over the edge.

Since we’ve had the dust everywhere, Miss H has been asking to help out a lot and we’ve enlisted her assistance with some chores around the house. At 3, she is definitely ready to take on small chores and she enjoys helping out. One of those chores she has taken on is helping keep the hardwood floors clean.  We talk about the importance of keeping the floors clean, not having dirt in the house and how that makes everyone safe and healthy. We especially love using Bona free & simple Hardwood Floor Cleaner in our house because it removes 93.3% of allergens from hard surfaces, GREENGUARD GOLD certified and is safe for our wood floors.

We have hardwoods in our kitchen, mudroom and entry way, so there is plenty of space to keep clean. We keep microfiber towels on hand for spot cleaning and a microfiber mop for doing big jobs. Our floors are about 20 years old, and since we didn’t have the budget do to the floors with the kitchen remodel, we we want to make sure we can keep them looking polished, shined and gorgeous until we are ready to tackle that next house project.

Other chores you could have your toddler do are dusting, wiping down the sink in the bathroom, picking up toys and even windows. We like to use natural and safe products, like Bona free & simple, in our home, so I am not concerned about Miss H have a reaction or getting hurt from harsh products.

You can find Bona free & simple Hardwood Floor Cleaner at Lowes, Bed Bath & Beyond or Home Depot.

Try Bona’s line of free & simple cleaning products for yourself, and follow @mybonahome on Facebook to stay up-to-date on product news, offers, and their upcoming sweepstakes! How do you get your toddler involved in tidying up the house?

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  1. Marquita says:

    I love that stuff! We have a house full of hardwood floors and Bona is the cleaner of choice. I’m super sensitive to the smells and chemical in cleaners and have no reaction to this at all. Also unlike other more “natural” cleaners it actually does a great job at cleaning, the floors, LOL!

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