January 16, 2017

This is 3 – A Mom’s Note To The Next Year

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How in the world do I have a 3 year old? Saturday night I was holding my 2 year old for the last time I and I was telling her about how at about this time 3 years ago I started having contractions with her after eating a party pizza and watching part of the hockey game. She then proceeded to inform me that she was a big girl and she had grown very big. Grown you have, my dear. Grown you have.

As someone who never had the maternal instinct (heck, I still don’t sometimes) I never wanted a gaggle of kids. I always wanted one. Just one girl. And I got exactly what I asked for. I guess life just works out like that. But I don’t think I could imagine doing life without her now. 3 years.  Gosh, 3 years of poopy diapers, sippy cups and messes. It’s also been 3 years of growing, patience and joy. Pure joy.

When I look back on it now, Jeff was always okay if we never had kids. We loved our life. Every so often we look at each other and ask if we should add another to the mix, and we always agree, our table is full. Full heart. Full table.

This year was a handful of milestones for us. Besides being a chatty chatty Cathy  (not sure where she gets that from), we started preschool for the first time. We learned to count, and the ABC’s and we even started singing which sounds like a poetry slam and I love it. She’s developed a love of building things and asking questions. Just like her daddy. She loves Peppa Pig and Mickey Mouse and thanks to Dora can count to five is Spanish. It’s pretty cute.

She loves to cook, slides her step stool her Papa built her around the kitchen like it was always there. Always asks to stir, crack eggs and of course lick the spoon. She always wants to try things and tells me how she feels about them. She loves kale but isn’t a fan of raw onion. But really, it’s acquired taste.  We go on coffee dates and bribe with cake pops. You know, you do too.

We potty trained and then regressed. We went through a biting phase and then she got bit and stopped. All the normal things two year olds go through. We took away her pacifier only to give it back when she dropped her nap. This momma needs her break.

We started taking consistent swim lessons and she loves the water. Goggles are her best friend and blowing bubbles. She’s got her teachers wrapped around her little finger and doesn’t listen. But really, what else is new for a non-listening 2 year old?  We flew to Florida on a solo trip to visit the great grands and they loved her to bits even when she accidentally pushed the emergency call button for help. Oops! Luckily, all good!

She loves to learn about “God Jesus” and say AAAAAAAAAAAAAMEN at the top of her lungs. She’ll ask to pray at dinner and it makes my heart so happy.  She knows the way to church in the car and can tell you the left and right directions to get there. I love that the people of our church love her big too and we get to all have that special time at church. Every Sunday, she tells all about God Jesus and usually her cup of cheerios and what she did for the time.

My wish you sweet girl is to continue asking the questions, loving big and never giving up. You’re so bright and independent and I’m so glad that’s the girl we are raising you to be. You may drive us crazy most of the time, but I know when you grow up, you’ll be a leader, a change maker and a wonderful influence on others. Until then, we’ll keep loving you like crazy, teaching you everything you need to know and tuck you in at night with a smooch and a song. Here is to three being even more exciting than two was. We love you so much!

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  1. Sara says:

    She is the sweetest! We really must get our silly girls together sometime soon! I think they’d get along swimmingly! This is such a fun age and H is such a doll!

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