June 27, 2016

The Magic House With Toddlers

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It’s no secret that St. Louis has hands down one of the best Children’s Museums in the country. Believe me, we’ve been to quite a few! Growing up just blocks away in Kirkwood, The Magic House was always a special treat for us.

Now as a Mom, we take full advantage of our membership and go on a fairly regular basis. If you’re in market for a membership, Black Friday is the best day to get one!

We were super excited to come to visit the new traveling exhibit Future Play: Art + Technology. This was pretty cool. There were a couple of areas to play in, and it was all in the dark. The first area Miss H really loved were the color changing balls you could run through. I feel like we spent a good 20+ minutes in there just running around. When the balls bounced, they changed color. Don’t worry, they have someone watching at all times to make sure everyone keeps the balls down.

Then the interactive table. You could move blocks around and streets would build around what you put on the board. Super cool.

Then there is interactive hopscotch. Miss H loved this and had a blast running all over it.



The other neat part of the exhibit was creating your own vehicle by coloring a page and then digitally scanning it in to make a 3D design. Miss H colored a bus and then we helped scan it in.



How cool is that? 

Once we were done went the new exhibit, we decided to head over to the Toddler Area. Miss H can really only handle about 2ish hours of stimulation – The Magic House has SO much! We tackle small areas of the House and here is what we saw today.

We are really into learning our letters right now, so this was a much needed fun learning opportunity. We play with this every time we come, and I think they recently moved this.

Next up – the water table area. We’ve actually never
played in the water area because I didn’t want to deal with dry clothes and all of that. You know what? She did great. I actually think I got more wet than she did.




Then it was onto her favorite frogs. Ever since her first trip to The Magic House, the frogs have been something we’ve always had to come visit.

We spent some time with shapes and design too. She loves to create her own designs and has a blast making them. These may be going on someone’s Christmas wish list this year. 


The other spot we visit every time is the fishing. We catch and release at least 10 fish while we are there and watch the fish swim back to the lake. I’ve always loved doing this one too.




This was the first time we headed out into the garden. I didn’t even know there was a garden! It is accessible near the snack bar. Outside there are HUGE foam blocks to make all kinds of neat designs. Her engineer daddy loves this about her.




And don’t forget to back a change of clothes because there is water to get in! Miss H had an absolute blast playing in the water and the boats that were around.


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  1. The Magic House looks and sounds awesome! I wish we had something like this here.

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