July 27, 2016

The Wisconsin Dells

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If you followed along on our vacation last week, you’ll know that we were in the Wisconsin Dells. This was our second year going, but this year, we went with my mom and stepdad…hello babysitter! We decided to go 5 days and have a few extra days at home for a staycation, since no one really likes jumping right back into the old routine, right?
We left late on Saturday morning and drove the 6 1/2 hours up to the Dells. Miss H did great. I had stopped at the $1 store and picked up a few fun things to play with including color changing frogs. Who knew sticking plastic frogs in the car air vents would be so entertaining!
We stopped made our first pit stop and Miss H decided we needed to build a campfire. Thanks, Peppa Pig. She’s obsessed with picking up sticks and building campfires!

 My mom has a timeshare through bluegreen and the timeshare is across the parking lot from Mount Olympus Water Park & Theme Park Resort. You get a bracelet and you can do whatever you’d like!

The next morning we had breakfast with my parents and Miss H insisted on piggy tails. I mean, can I can’t really say no to all that level of adorableness. Also, she can still fit in her 18-24 month dresses. She’s big and tiny all at the same time.

Of course while we were there, we had to celebrate National Ice Cream Day (with froyo). The Frozen Bear is a great spot with lots of flavor and topping choices!

 There are SO many options for playing with kiddos at the resort. There were indoor and outdoor play areas, but the water was COOOOOLD! Miss H was reluctant on the slides, but had a blast jumping off the edge into the water.



We of course has to bring a matchy matchy outfit. We decided to match at Buffalo Phils, I was so excited when I found a match to my top on a swap board a few weeks ago in mint condition! Buffalo Phil’s is a really unique and fun spot that serves you all your food and drinks via toy train. Your table is parked right next to a track and the trains come out. Perfect for kids. They even send the trains out with a bubble machine and you know how that turned out!



Probably her favorite place to play was oddly enough, the Tidal Wave! She loved standing in a tube and pushing it all around and when the waves began she’d sit on Jeff’s lap and just laugh the whole time. She’s truly a water baby. I can’t wait to get her into more challenging swim lessons soon!


5 days is just the right amount of time at the resort. You can only do so much water and rollercoasters, right? Thanks to my mom we were able to sneak away a few times to ride some of the crazy water rides and a couple of roller coasters and go carts. I seriously haven’t gone on a coaster in years, so we didn’t agree so well. Jeff couldn’t handle them either! But, I do love a good wooden rollercoaster.

 Overall, we had such a fun week. Our week continued on and I’m so glad we got to have that time as a family. Bonus – Miss H is NAPPING AGAIN! Praise the Lord! So, we had naps every day too! I’m so thrilled. Here is to another fun filled family vacation in Seaside in less than 6 weeks! I can’t wait!

Our favorite places to eat
Buffalo Phil’s – Trains deliver your food – HUGE hit!
The Frozen Bear – Classic Froyo
Monk’s Bar & Grill – Great Burgers
High Rock Café – Probably our favorite spot, not touristy and amazing food!


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