June 6, 2016

Tea Time with Tazo Chai Latte

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It’s no shock that I am a coffee and tea fanatic and I do frequent my favorite coffee shop on a fairly consistent basis. But did you know I also actually make my favorite drinks at home with my Keurig®? I only allow myself to have a drinks away from home after Barre as a reward for getting up at 5AM to hit the gym.
But the days I don’t hit the gym, or when I need afternoon pick me up, I turn to one of my favorites, the TAZO® Chai Latte K-Cup® pods
 The thing I love about Chai is that spicy sweet combination you can’t find anywhere else. It is distinct, and for me, the spicier the better! Black Tea, cinnamon, cardamom, and vanilla are the perfect marriage of sweet meets spicy. I love that the TAZO® Chai Latte K-Cup® pods have a 2 step combo that gives me that exactly what I’m looking for. Just add the classic latte packet to your cup, use your K-Cup® pod to brew over, stir and enjoy! We’re talking coffee house deliciousness in no time!
The thing I also love about these cool summer mornings is making myself a cup at home and then enjoying some quiet time on the patio before everyone wakes up. One cup is just enough to have a little Me Time at home!
Now that I’ve confessed my love for the sweet and spicy, tell me – do you like TAZO® Chai? Do you have a favorite way to drink it?

7 responses to “Tea Time with Tazo Chai Latte”

  1. katelyn says:

    i love chai tea! i love the unique spices of it too. 🙂


  2. Molly says:

    I love Chai! Yum! I bet this would be wonderful over ice, too!

  3. I'm not one to go outside of my comfort zone really, but I might have to give this a try! I have never had chai anything before, but the spice mix sounds yummy! Thanks for the recommendation!

  4. I love Chai tea. I actually have that exact tea in my pantry as we speak. So [email protected]

  5. Chai tea is my go to when I want to skip my White Chocolate Mocha (all the calories included).

  6. Yum! This looks delicious!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

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