September 26, 2016

Beach Style with SwimZip

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It’s been just 3 days since we last dipped out toes in the sugary sands of 30A. We had an amazing vacation and I’m already looking at dates to go back next year. For me, one of the priorities of this vacation was to go almost off the grid, enjoy the basics of quality family time.

We limited our use of social media, unplugged and enjoyed being a little family of three. For the first time ever, we went into a vacation with zero plans. I saw on the news a few weeks ago that when you go into a vacation with no plans, it actually feels longer. I’m all about testing those kinds of theories. So every morning we woke up with no agenda. We asked Miss H what she wanted to do, and most days it was a trip to the beach. Our little bungalow wasn’t very far away from sand and we took full advantage.

One thing I do know about the Florida sun is that it’s definitely a lot stronger than St. Louis. I was worried Miss H would burn and I was excited to partner with SwimZip  and their adorable suits. SwimZip is UPF 50+ sun clothing that I knew would keep Miss H safe from the sun. Her adorable ruffled rash guard suit was a perfect match to my momma match rash guard (similar).


If you know anything about me, 1) I’m a sucker for stripes and 2) matching with Miss H is a must 99% of the time. For me, I love matching because people know who my kiddo is. It doesn’t help she is my mini me, but I love how people always comment that we match and ask if it was planned. I’ll keep matching until she won’t let me do it anymore. It’s special and always gives me a challenge to find brands that offer the matches.


On our trips to the beach, Miss H was so excited to play in the waves. We’re raising a fearless independent little lady. There are days where I absolutely love that, and then days where there is new grey hair popping up because of it. For her the beach was an exciting exploration space. We splashed with a school of fish, scooped up crabs with a net and even saw a few jelly fish.

The other thing I loved about my SwipZip rash guard was that I felt confident in it. The past few months I’ve not been able to workout because of 2 herniated discs and I don’t feel like I’m looking my best. The day we headed out the beach, my sweet husband commented on how glowing I was and it made me feel so good. He loves his girls so much.



Miss H loved going out with daddy into the big waves and practiced her swimming. We’re so glad she loves the water and explores all on her own!

The other thing she loved was building sand castles. She kept saying “Make Sand Dunes” – it must be on a show she watches. She was so excited to dig I the sand, roll around and then jump in the water to wash off.

SwimZip sizing runs slightly big, so you’ll want to size down. Miss H in currently in a size 2/3 and her suit was a 2T. There is still quite a bit of wiggle room for her to wear into next year and all during the winter during swim lessons. How adorable are those ruffles?

She kept asking me to play with her. Twist my arm. We made sand castle after sand castle just to knock them down. The wonder an amazement from her was amazing. I hope she never loses that.



Thank you to SwimZip from protecting us from the sun and looking super adorable in the process! This was a vacation we’ll never forget!

SwimZip provided us with swimwear in exchange for an honest review. In no way did this influence our opinion of the brand.

8 responses to “Beach Style with SwimZip”

  1. Love the pictures, and the beach looked amazing. And yes, the ruffles are the cutest. Glad you had a great time!

  2. Great photos and looks like so much fun!! Those bathing suits are awesome. I've heard great things about SwimZip.

  3. I die over those little ruffles on her!!!!! So jealous of your fabulous beach trip!!

  4. That beach looks amazing. I love your matching suits.

  5. Meghan says:

    Beach vacations are the perfect time to throw the itineraries away. Perfect way to truly relax!!

  6. I love the matching suits!! Great sun coverage for both of you and they're super cute. That's a hard combo to find 🙂

  7. Oh my word! You guys are too cute. I am loving the striped suits!

  8. LOOOOOOVE the beach!!! You two are absolutely adorable (: I definitely will be looking into those suits. Both my husband, and son are redheads, and it's absolutely necessary to protect their fair skin from the harsh sun. Thanks so much for the tips <3

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