February 4, 2019

Sweet Fun with Sweetology

Sweetology And Hattie Makes Three 10

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It’s funny what kind of memories you hold onto isn’t it? It is the most trivial things, but those details stick with you for a lifetime. Ever since Hattie was little we have spent a lot of time in our kitchen baking, cooking, and pretty much just making a huge mess. I’m okay with messes when you are making memories. Over the past couple of years we’ve really come to appreciate sprinkles and the magic they have when decorating. I’m pretty sure we have every sprinkle known to man, and I love it.

One vivid memory I have of was a couple of years ago at Sweetology. We went to a fun play date where we made scarecrow cupcakes. Now Hattie wasn’t big enough to do anything more than eat the candy corn and put shredded wheat on the frosting, but it’s one of those memories that just sticks with me. Since then we’ve stopped into Sweetology to decorate cupcakes and cookies. We enjoy fun the fun even more when I don’t really feel like making my entire kitchen a mess baking, making frosting, and then of course the clean up.

While we love to go to Sweetology to play, we also love that they have Decorating Kits you can bring home or better yet have shipped to you if you aren’t local. Each kit can be shipped anywhere in the US with 2 day Priority Shipping.  Each kit is filled with plenty of fun and sugar, for an at home activity for the whole family.

Each Kit Contains:

Sweetology And Hattie Makes Three

I popped in last week and picked up the Rainbow Party Valentine Kit for a fun weekend activity with Hattie. Now let me tell you, I froze the entire kit and the results were fantastic. If you want to keep a kit on hand, just pull it out from the freezer the day before and let it come come to room temperature.  I love the convenience of fresh baked items readily available straight from the freezer.

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If you want to get a little inspiration on how to decorate your creations, Sweetology has a YouTube Channel with fun ideas.  But if you know my girl, well then you know she likes to take her own creative liberties and design her own.Sweetology And Hattie Makes Three 2

All I needed to do was trim the piping bag, add the tip, and Hattie was off to decorating.  Someone got a little heavy handed with the buttercream, but she had an absolute blast piping it on. Hattie has used piping bags before, but the sealed bag made it so easy for her, and no mess! About the only mess we had from the whole kit were the sprinkles on the floor! Not too bad at all. More sprinkles equals more smiles!

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Halfway through we swapped out the tips with a quick rinse of water and we were able to continue on creating.

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Sweetology And Hattie Makes Three 6


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Have you ever bought a kit and there just wasn’t enough buttercream to finish your project? Well, even with Heavy Handed Hattie we had so much buttercream left over! I could have probably decorated another 4 cupcakes with the remaining buttercream. We also had sprinkles leftover too, and I felt like we didn’t have to hold back on creating.

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And there you have our masterpieces. Overall, we probably spent a good 45 minutes to an hour decorating, and it was just so much fun to have quality time in the kitchen. Decorating Kits start at just $39.99 and are seriously so much fun. From Valentine’s Day to Birthday Kits and all other holidays, there are so many options to pick up a kit.  The price point is a perfect gift for someone in your life to have a little extra fun!

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You can learn more about Sweetology, their Decorating Kits, Nappy Hour, Birthday Parties and more online, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

What Decorating Kit would you want to try?


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  1. Sara says:

    Heavy Handed Hattie did a fantastic job! Those kids are too cute! It’s good to know they ship; I may have to get one for the buddies to do…

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