May 13, 2016

Strawberry Festival at Eckert’s

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It is officially Strawberry Season in the bi-state area! Last Saturday, we loaded up the car and went over 2 rivers and through no woods (well, maybe Kirkwood – hehe) to the Strawberry Festival at Eckert’s! I can officially say 2 is a great age to take your little one picking. Miss H has such a fantastic time picking and munching on strawberries and wearing her strawberry dress! We got there super early to beat the crowds and the heat     (you just never know with STL weather)!
When we arrived, we hopped on the first tractor we saw and headed out to the fields after a quick family selfie. Just a short drive over the road and we were in the land of strawberries! We were dropped off and off we went picking. I’ve never seen so many bright, vibrantly red strawberries! 
We picked a row and off we went! We didn’t have to go very far because every strawberry was just gorgeous. Not much having to sift through to find the ripe ones either. We probably only spend 20-30 minutes max out in the field to fill up our entire flat of strawberries.
Hubs showed Miss H how to pick and she went to town. I’m not sure if she picked more to eat or picked more to take home.
When we were all done, we headed back to see what other fun attractions were in store! In addition to the gardening center, custard stand and restaurant, for the Strawberry Festival there is an area for kids with pony rides, petting zoos and rides! Miss H was insistent on going down the big inflatable slide and rode the train twice.
There was also camel rides  – yes CAMELS! We couldn’t convince Miss H that was the way to go, since she saw the horses. She did think this llama was pretty cool and a cow.
She also had a pony ride on Pumpkin. She couldn’t stop talking about Pumpkin the Pony when we got home. Apparently, he made quite the impression. Of course as that photo crazy mom, the people assisting were very accommodating for photo ops!
After we were all tuckered out from fun and games, we moved into the Country Restaurant to have lunch. They do get busy on the weekend, so be sure to make a reservation ahead of time (that’s what we did) or download the No Wait App to get on the list while you are still out having fun! Great kids menu and lots of good options.
I figured if I was eating at a country restaurant, Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes and corn was the way to go. It was served in a skillet! Don’t forget the hot biscuits and apple butter while you wait to eat. Miss H devoured those.
And incase there was just the tiniest amount of space left in your tummy, custard was our last stop. Miss H opted for chocolate with sprinkles while hubs and I opted for shakes so we could take them home and enjoy them on the car ride home.
Overall, this was such a fun family memory making day. We’ll definitely be putting this on our list of annual activities to do!
The Strawberry Festival begins this weekend May 14,15,21,22,28,29 & 30th at the Belleville Farm. They will have pony and camel rides, petting zoo, inflatables, festival food, and lots of strawberries and treat! Pick-Your-Own Strawberries are $2.49 lb and available to pick from 9-5. Follow Eckert’s on Facebook for more info!
 This post was sponsored by Eckert’s but all the strawberries kisses and smiles are my own.


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5 responses to “Strawberry Festival at Eckert’s”

  1. Looks like a delicious outing! We've never gone strawberry picking, but will have to put it on our to do list. That picture of the three of you where Hattie is holding onto her Daddy's face is adorable!

  2. We are doing something very similar tomorrow. We are going to a dairy farm that has the most amazing home-cooked meals and ice cream.

  3. Sarah says:

    I am dying for school to be over so I can take the boys strawberry picking before the season is over!!! Your pictures are great!

  4. Yay!! And now you know the safe way to get to IL! 😉 It was so fun seeing you all, let's do it again soon!!!

  5. Molly says:

    We have got to do this! My girls love strawberries. We moved from Strawberry Country in California, and we've been going through strawberry withdrawal.

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