July 10, 2018

St. Louis Sunflowers

Sunflowers - And Hattie Makes Three 5

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“If I were a flower.. I would be a sunflower.
To always follow the sun, Turn my back to darkness,
Stand proud, tall and straight even with my head full of seeds.”
 Pam Stewart

Sunflowers - And Hattie Makes Three

Earlier this week we got the wild and crazy idea that we needed to find the sunflower fields. I always seem to forget that they pop up mid summer and we have never taken advantage of their beauty. I called my friend Arin up and we took our girls on an adventure up north to find these gorgeous fields. Over the weekend we had driven past a sunflower field on private property and I got so excited!

Now these are located in the Columbia Bottom Conservation Area. This is located near the last exit out of Missouri, or the first entrance in from Illinois, depending on how you’re getting there in North County.

Sunflowers - And Hattie Makes Three 2

We did a little research before we headed out suggest you bring 3 things:

  1. Bug Spray – Given the nature that you’re standing on a field of sunflowers, there are a lot of bug and definitely TONS of bees! They are the big fuzzy ones, but be warned. So if you’re allergic, bring your EpiPen!
  2. Water Proof Shoes – We were informed the area was prone to flooding so it can be muddy. We packed our rain boots but had no issues. However, they came in handy from the aforementioned bugs and we didn’t get any bites on our legs.
  3.  Step Stool – Bring a step stool for taller shots. Especially with the little kids, you’re able to get them up higher and see all that golden yellow.

Sunflowers - And Hattie Makes Three 6

Other things to think about:

  1. Be mindful of others shooting around you, apparently this space does get a little busy during golden hour and sunset. These flowers were right inside the entrance, but from what I’ve been told there are other fields further back.  We went right at 4:30 and it wasn’t busy at all. I’d imagine it changes based on the day and time though.
  2. Safety – with any adventure, be familiar with your surroundings
  3. The visitors center closes at 5, so if you have to go to the potty plan ahead. From personal experience with a 4 year old. There is a gas station right before you get back on the highway.
  4. Go sooner than later – these pretties will only be in bloom a short window in July!

Good news, I read on their website more seeds have been planted, so expect to take more photos in August!

Sunflowers - And Hattie Makes Three 2

Sunflowers - And Hattie Makes Three 4

Sunflowers - And Hattie Makes Three 5

You can find Columbia Bottom at  801 Strodtman Rd. St. Louis, MO.

St. Louis Sunflowers Fields

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