June 12, 2018

Live to the Full with Phillips 66


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Thank you to Phillips 66 for partnering with us on this campaign. All opinions are my own.

It doesn’t get much more St. Louis than going to a St. Louis Cardinals Game. I’ve been to games in other stadiums, and nothing compares to Baseball Heaven. We were so excited to partner with Phillips 66 and to go to a Cardinals game using their awesome ticket promotion that gave you up to 50% off tickets! How easy is that? To take advantage of the deal, all you had to do is purchase 8 gallons of gas at a participating Phillips 66 location, grab a coupon code inside the store and then hop online and order!



My husband loves baseball. He can tell you stats from years ago, who pitched what game, and probably what broadcaster was announcing the game at the time. He’s the perfect trivia night companion when sports categories pop up. Me? Well, I love the game for the food and the people watching. And giveaways.  Let’s not forget giveaways. Bonus – it was Chris Carpenter Bobble Head day! While I appreciate the game, I appreciate the experience of being there more than the pitch by pitch count. Hattie just loves to go because she sees Fredbird and is always on the quest to convince us she needs cotton candy.

With our Phillips 66 promo code, we took advantage of the best way to watch a game with kids – The Champions Club. If you’ve not experienced a game in The Champions Club, you’re definitely have to give it a try.  It is a special treat to watch a game there. It’s perfect for kids because there is air conditioning, indoor and outdoor seating, an amazing buffet of ballpark favorites and healthy options and of course any drink you can think of.  It’s perfect during those hot St. Louis summer days to enjoy a game.


We love to get there early to have lunch and relax a little. Hattie decided that nachos were on the menu today along with a large side of sour cream. Don’t worry, we may have gone back and picked all the cucumbers and tomatoes off the salad bar salad. The ladies even brought her special drinks so they wouldn’t spill and she thought that was so exciting!


Of course bringing a toddler to a baseball game can get a little stressful.  Jeff is trying so hard to teach Hattie how the game is played.  He’s so good about giving her little nuggets of information every time we go to a game so she remembers. That day they talked about jersey colors (white and grey) and the 7th inning stretch. Usually we call it a win if we make it to sing Take Me Out To The Ballgame.

Usually by the 7th Inning Stretch, we’re ready to go, except this day there was a no-hitter going on, and we had to stay as long as we could. Dad’s orders. We decided to watch the rest of the game at Ballpark Village and let Hattie run around a little bit.

We celebrated a Cardinals win with fireworks and lots of cheering! Hurray for an awesome game!

We rounded out our family fun in Kiener Plaza and took advantage of their new playground. It’s so much fun!

You can make your own family memories with Phillips 66 too. Be sure to pick up your ticket promo card and have your family Live to the Full.  Coupons are good between now and September 23rd. Plenty of time to fill up and head downtown! Thank you again to Phillips 66 for the memorable family fun day! We definitely lived to the full!


What’s your favorite part about a baseball game?

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