June 4, 2019

Instant Care with SSM Health Virtual Visits

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A few months ago, I was sitting in my internal medicine doctor’s office and she shared with me that she was leaving the practice. I was heartbroken because she was the one who helped me expedite my back surgery a while back. She mentioned that she was going to become a virtual doctor and that she was just a few clicks away away. I had never heard of a virtual doctor and I was intrigued.  I checked into SSM Health Virtual Visits to learn more and decided that this would definitely be something to look at for future needs. 


What is it?

SSM Health Virtual Visits is an online doctor visit that allows you to be seen quickly for acute medical issues. The cost is only $25 and you do not need insurance to get care. You are able to get a treatment plan in about an hour or less. Bonus, if you have an HSA account, you’d be able to use that!

This type of online visit would be perfect for acute issues like ear infections, sinus infections, colds/coughs, urinary infections. They also offer some select children’s services (which would be great if off hours for your pediatrician) that include ear infections, rashes and head lice. Think of how great this would be while you’re on vacation too if you needed it. 

The process is very easy where you can log on from your phone or desktop, answer set of questions and a healthcare provider will offer a treatment plan. I just love that it is all so accessible and affordable. Just think, of the cost savings by not going to Urgent Care for an ear infection. 

As a mom, I am hyper aware of Hattie’s health. If I even feel like there is a fever, you better believe the thermometer is coming out. I’ve always been concerned with her ears, so when a fever strikes, my first thought is ear infection. Luckily with the SSM Heath Virtual Visits, I can have quick answers without leaving the house. 

How does it work?

Let’s walk through this together. Just log on through your desktop or mobile device (I’ll show via desktop here, but same process). You’ll fill out a brief set of questions. 


sktop Virtual Visit Welcome


  Select the reason for your visit. Remember, the more information you can share, the better it will help with your treatment plan. 


Desktop Virtual Visit Reason

The questions let you get very specific about the issue, the photos can really help pinpoint the direct concern. 

Desktop Virtual Visit Ear Pain

Once you fill out the the questions, it will be sent to a healthcare provider for a treatment plan. How easy is that? You’ll have a plan to be back to your old self in no time and jumping on the bed!


Have you ever tried a virtual visit before? 


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