April 27, 2016

Have Your Next Party at Sky Zone – Fenton

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Why is it that kids get to have all of the fun Birthday Parties? Why can’t adults have the exact same birthday parties as kids? Well, we decided that this year a birthday party at Sky Zone- Fenton would put our fun big kids to the test!

I was excited to be invited to see what Sky Zone – Fenton was all about! We decided to have a party and I wrangled up our friends, brought cupcakes and Sky Zone did the rest!

We arrived about 20 minutes before our jump time to get our group situated and ready to jump. They went over rules and regulations and gave us their super awesome sticky socks. Once it was time to jump we had free range of the facility, and there was lots to do! Our Party Attendant, Morgan, stopped by to greet us and let us know he’d come and get us in an hour to take us to the party room.

Before we arrived, we had confirmed our pizza order and drink requests so when we arrive, everything was set. They even accommodate allergies as we have a gluten free friend. All they ask you to bring is your cake or cupcakes of choice, decorations and they’ll have them waiting in the room for you.

Our first stop was the foam pit. Half of us may have gotten stuck in there!

Then we attempted our best slam dunk moves. I’m still not tall enough dunk even with a trampoline! The guys put their best Shaq moves down.

The guys got a game of dodge ball going and were having a blast!


It is insanely hard to get 3 people to jump at the same time, but super fun trying!

Once we were done jumping, we were taken upstairs to our party room where all of our goodies we brought were there and the pizza! Pizza Hut is the pizza of choice and Pepsi products. Our attendant was so nice and very accommodating.


Birthday Parties start at 10 guest and can go up from there. You can find out more about birthday parties and other group events. Thanks to Sky Zone Fenton and US Family Guide for an unbelievable fun evening!

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  1. Amy says:

    Well, that looks so fun! 🙂

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