May 30, 2019

So Much More with Rottler Pest Control

Review - Rottler Pest Control

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Review - Rottler Pest Control

It’s not everyday that you look forward to your pest control company when you don’t have any pests. Funny, I know because for the last year, they have taken care of all of the pests!

About a year ago, we began partnering with Rottler Pest Control for our indoor and outdoor pest needs. At first I thought we didn’t really a need regular pest control service, but our relationship we’ve developed with our technician Tim has been one of the highlights of our service agreement.

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Being a stay at home mom, I don’t always love the idea of having home services while Jeff isn’t home. When we started our services with Rottler last year, Jeff was there for the first visit. We got to meet Tim who has been the only person to come to our home. He is prompt, texts when he is on his way within 20 minutes and is always kind and courteous. Ever since, I have felt safe and secure with a service provider in my home.

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Over the year, we have gotten to know Tim, learn more about his family (he has girls too). Hattie loves telling Mr. Tim all about what she is learning at school or what she’s seen on YouTube. We try to even schedule our appointments on days Hattie does’t have school so she can see him. He has girls similar in age to Hattie so he always tells us funny stories about them. I think it’s nice that we can relate on that level.

When it comes to our pest service, we rarely see a bug. When Tim comes he always gives us a heads up of what we may see based on the season like ants or ladybugs. He assures us that if we have a random invasion he’d be happy to come out and do an extra treatment. Luckily for us, we’ve never had to do that. This year we did have a small ant invasion and Tim tracked down to the source of where the ants were coming from. In all my years of a homeowner, we’ve never been able to pinpoint the location, and he did! We came up with a game plan, and like always offered to come out if we didn’t see results within 2 weeks. 

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What I really love about Rottler’s programs is the thoroughness of their inspections. When Tim arrives he inspects the basement and gives us updates on any spider webs in the basement and any  new developments that he can see. Our first visit last year, he climbed up into our attic and placed preventative traps. We even got a ladder out! Now that is thoroughness.

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Tim is also very mindful of pets. When we had Riley and now Rosie, he would let us know how long to wait before we let the dogs outside near the house. We have a garden box in our backyard as well and he gives us recommendations on how to handle potential garden pests too. Truly, he has been so helpful. 

We’ve come to love and appreciate the level of service Rottler provides.  Anytime we’re out and about and Hattie sees a Rottler truck, she always asks if it’s Mr. Tim. I’m so grateful, that she can associate that great relationship that we have.

Right now, you can get a Mr. Tim of your very own and get $35 off your your first visit with a full season service. Thank you to Rottler for your continued partnership and helping our home be pest free!  Do you use a pest control service? 

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