December 3, 2015

Review – Bookroo

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We have a terrible problem at our house. We have so many books! I don’t really mind this horrible problem because of it we have a child who loves to read. We have bookcases of books and you know what, we love adding more to the collection. 
Two things at our house that we love on a daily occurrence – reading and mail. We love it when our mail comes because we are usually getting something fun in the mail and of course we love our mailman. We love it even more when Bookroo arrives! Bookroo is a subscription service for children’s books. You can chose one of two options based on age and then they are neatly wrapped with TLC and mailed to you. We received our first box last month and these books have been huge hits!
How adorable is the packaging? 
I always love watching Miss H open presents, so after her nap we spent some time opening presents and looking at our new books. 
All great board books. Miss H is working on her numbers now so all of these were really relevant for our little learner. Bonus, I love getting books everyone doesn’t have, that way if I find one I really love I buy extras and give as gifts or maybe even a Bookroo Subscription!
We even took Time for a Hug on our overnight to the Polar Express and we hug after every page! 
 This would be an awesome birthday party gift, shower gift or an awesome subscription for that young book lover in your life. I’m excited to share that Bookroo has offered a $4 off coupon to And Hattie Makes Three readers off of your first box! 3 books for $16? Awesome! 
I was offered a discount in exchange for my honest review. In no way did that sway my opinion of the product. 

2 responses to “Review – Bookroo”

  1. Julie says:

    I feel like there should be an "a" between book and roo 😉

    Yay for reading!!

  2. Jess Scott says:

    What a fun concept!! Thanks for sharing!

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