July 28, 2016

Sweet Tea Cocktail Recipe With Remy Martin

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Growing up music was always a passion and a part of my life. I grew up going to church 3-4 times a week and one of those days was choir practice. Our choir went on an annual summer trip all across the country. From singing at a major league baseball game to the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and the Grand Canyon, we did it all in addition to full production shows and musicals.
Music has always been a cornerstone that has always evolved. From my dad teaching me all about the classic rock of the 70’s and 80’s, to the countless musicals my grandparents took me to, it was really something that was part of my life. So when I had the chance to be a backup singer in a local Blues Brothers Band, I jumped at the chance!
A couple of years ago, I had started a new job at a local financial firm and a request went out looking for singers. Thinking it would be a great way to meet people at work and to brush the dust off my trusty pipes, I signed up not really thinking I’d get selected, but I did.
For weeks up until our big show, we had band practice, practice with vocal coaches, choreography – the works! I had to actually learn words to every single song in the Blues Brother movie, and boy did we put on one heck of a show. There was a full band including all the horns! There was even a laser light show – the works!  I was scared out of my mind, but let loose and had an absolute blast! I went so far outside of my comfort zone, and it made me want to pursue my singing even more!
In honor of following my passion and in partnership with Rémy Martin and their passion for making the finest Cognac, I created a ‘Shake Ya Tail Feathers Sweet Tea Cocktail’ to honor the fun time I had shaking my tail feathers and a refreshing drink to enjoy. The thing I love about this cocktail is it is simple yet elegant, perfect for day or night, and of course delicious. Made with the Rémy Martin VSOP, it has hints of vanilla thanks to the oak barrels they are aged in as well as baked apples and floral notes. It’s light, refreshing and perfect for these hot summer days.
Shake Ya Tail Feathers Sweet Tea Cocktail
Here is how you make it
●      1 oz Rémy Martin VSOP
●      .5 oz Triple Sec
●      3 oz Sweet Tea
●      Lemon and Mint for Garnish
Add all ingredients into shaker with a few cubes of ice. Pour over a tall glass of ice and garnish with lemon, mint and enjoy! You could easily make your own iced tea, or purchase it from your local retailer for a quicker option. Make a pitcher of this for parties and serve over ice for the perfect summer night refreshment.
Rémy Martin offers 2 varieties, Rémy Martin 1738 and Rémy Martin VSOP. Both varieties are crafted for excellence and a testament to the passion that they pour into every bottle.
Now that I’ve shared my passion and a fun drink with Rémy Martin Cognac inspired by the time I shook my tail feathers, tell me, what is your passion?

7 responses to “Sweet Tea Cocktail Recipe With Remy Martin”

  1. Stephanie says:

    What a fun experience to sign in a Blues Brothers Band! You're cocktail looks so refreshing… definitely perfect for these hot summer days! #client

  2. I can't believe you were in a band, I LOVE it! And I totally want to try out this cocktail!!

  3. Alyssa Funk says:

    How cool is this?? I always wished I could sing! My husband has all the musical talent and was in a band too!

  4. Molly says:

    Incredible! The music from Blues Brothers is fantastic, and how amazing that you got to sing it! On stage! What an experience!

  5. SO fun to learn this about you!! And I'm so making this cocktail!

  6. Meghan says:

    These look delicious and so refreshing for summer!

  7. I am going to request you sing to us on Snapchat!! I'm so in awe of people who can sing bc I seriously cannot. The tea sounds delicious and I LOVE the name you gave it!

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