May 3, 2016

Welcome to Potty Training

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It is official – we are potty training. We’ve been playing the game off and on for the past month and this past week, we decided to really go for it. Miss H has been pretty open to the idea and we’ve come up with a great rewards system to help her be successful.  

Why now? Well, she is almost 2 1/2 and I do not want to be messing with swim diapers in a couple of months when we are soaking up all the summer sun at the pool. One less thing to worry about. She’s also been interested in the potty and we’ve had off and on success with it. We were ready to jump in! 

What’s Working? A couple of things we’ve implemented this past week is a reward system and using Pull-Ups® Training Pants. Day one was pretty tough with lots of accidents, but being consistent, confident and encouraging got us to where we are. It’s been a lot of trial and error, but here is what is working for us!
We take Miss H potty about every 30-45 minutes depending on her liquid intake. If she goes in the potty, she gets the choice of 2 gummi bears or a sticky lizard. She’s way more into the toys than the snacks, which is great! If we get more that just a tinkle, then a mini Kit-Kat is the reward. She’s so excited about going potty now that she runs to the potty and sits down before taking her Pull-Ups® Training Pants off and goes so. She’ll get there. Day after day, it has been progressively getting better. Yesterday – only one accident!

Tell me, have you started potty training yet? Any tips or tricks we should be adding to our routine?

12 responses to “Welcome to Potty Training”

  1. Oh, the adventure begins! Good luck!

  2. Good luck!! We've been fully potty trained for about 9 months now. It was scary at first (for me more than C I think!!) but now, its nice being able to go without needing to change a diaper or two while out and about.

  3. Meghan says:

    Potty training was the milestone I was most nervous about! We waited til Noah was well over 3, but it ended up being so much easier than I expected… Probably because he was really ready! Good luck!!!

  4. Ohhh I'm not looking forward to this with Jude! I think we'll wait till Brandon is home this summer and then have a potty training boot camp!

  5. We went cold turkey and did panties and only panties from the get go! We had one small accident and in three days we were fully trained…as in after three days SHE was telling ME when she had to go. Haven't had a single accident since day one!

  6. Oof, I am not looking forward to potty training – ha! With 2 under 2, it's easier for me right not to just have the oldest in a diaper anyway!

  7. Good Luck! It took us a few times with AG but it worked in the end =-)

  8. Kim Reed says:

    Great post! Love the gummy bears and stickers. I need to implement that as we go on this adventure too!

  9. Cute post! My daughter's name is Hadley, and we call her Haddie sometimes! 🙂

  10. Best of luck with the potty training journey! Little Miss H seems ready!

  11. We're thinking about it with my 14 month old boy. I just can't handle the new wrestling he does when it's diaper changing time, and he's always trying or being successful at pulling off his diaper. It's rough. We're gonna do the 3 day method and avoid pull ups. I wish you luck on your potty training journey!

  12. My youngest is 2 1/2 and is our last baby… BUT it's time OHHH it's time… I'm scared… Ha.. hmm did I mention she's the 4th baby.. Ha.. It's as if I forgot what I did with the other 3 lol… BUT I think she's ready and I think being she was born at 27 weeks I've learned at her pace but it's time. This weekend we were actually going to get some pretty little under wear for her. I think pull ups will have to be for night time because when I tried pull ups she just thinks of them as diapers… OHHH Happy Mama's day to me! lol… Wish you luck in your adventures!!

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