July 5, 2017

Peach Picking Fun at Eckert’s

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It is officially that time of year – Peach Picking Season! I loaded up my little family on our long holiday weekend for a quick drive over to Belleville, IL to Eckert’s for a fun morning of peach picking, lunch and fun. I always love going to Eckert’s because it is one of those memory maker opportunities which is so important for me. For us, it’s about a solid hour drive to Eckert’s and we listened to Moana all the way and we now have a parrot who sits in the back seat asking if we are there yet every 2 minutes. The joys of a threenager.

We wanted to head out to pick early enough so that the heat and humidity of the St. Louis summer didn’t cramp our picking abilities. Cooler temperatures make happy toddlers. We arrived, ate a quick lunch and then headed out to the fields. We picked our container and headed to the wagon for a short ride across to the street to the fields. There were about 3 difference size containers for picking. We went with the mid size with a handle for small hands to hold. Now peach picking just started this week and will run through the beginning of August.

The peaches are absolutely gorgeous. We had to give Hattie a little bit of direction on how to pick and and make sure to leave the little ones to grow a little more. She loved running up and down the rows scoping out the best peaches.  They are a gorgeous color right now, not all are ripe, but we got some large ones that will be ready in just a couple of days.

This one was a winner in my book!  Peach perfection.

Hattie loved looking for the good ones and Daddy picked the ones high up. Gave me good memories of our apple picking last fall.

By the end of filling our basket, Miss H was ready for a drink of water and air conditioning. While we walked around we talked about what we can bake or make with peaches in the kitchen. We’ve got a few ideas in mind, and we’ll have to have some fun in the kitchen in the next day or so once they are ready to go.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m really big on making memories. You need those good fuzzy feelings to look back on in life and I always love making picking fruit at Eckert’s apart of our memories. From Apples to strawberries to peaches, we really do enjoy having family time in the fields and getting back to basics. We always want to rush through life, but sometimes, the simplest activities are the best and most memorable.

Stay tuned for some fun recipe ideas later this week. We’ve got 8lbs of peaches and we don’t want them to go to waste! Be sure to check out Eckert’s website for tips on buying and storing your fruit! Also, check the crop update on their website to see what is available for picking. Peaches right now are $1.29 lb. Don’t feel like picking? They have them available in the country store too!

Have you been peach picking before? What is your favorite thing to make or bake with peaches?

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