July 7, 2015

My Beauty Routine

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I’m linking up with Andrea again today to share my Beauty Routine. Let’s be honest, when you have a toddler, make up is not high on your list of things to put on. Over the past year, I’ve pretty much narrowed down my make up and beauty routine to the bare necessities. I do have all the fun stuff for date nights including mascara that I forgot to put in here, but I don’t mess with any of it during the week. I’ve provided links, but none of them are affiliate links.
Let’s start with the daily essentials
1) Deodorant. Let’s be honest, I thought Clinical Strength kind was a joke, but after using it for a few years, I think it is well worth the investment. Especially when you have a screaming child in public and everyone is staring at you, yea it works.
2) Smashbox BB Cream – I’ve been using BB and CC creams for quite a while. I actually got this one in a Sephora sampler box recently and love it! I also really like Clinique too.
3) Peter Thomas Roth – All Day Moisturizer with SPF – this stuff is pretty thick, so if you don’t like thicker moisturizers steer clear. I think it gives great all day protection. With the combo of both the BB Cream with the SPF and the Moisturizer, I feel protected.
4) Vaseline Lip Treatment – I’m a recent convert to Vaseline from being a Carmex user for 10+ years. This makes my lips super smooth and really nice. 
4) Urban Decay Naked 2 Eye Kit – I used to wear MAC eyeshadow and then I switched to the palette concept and every shade in this set does not disappoint. 
4) Urban Decay Naked Flushed – This is a great bronzer, highlighter and blush combo in one. I love having one compact to toss in my purse and go.
5) MAC Cosmetics Make Up Brushes. Years ago I was convinced that MAC brushes would last forever if you took care of them. So, I purchased a set at Christmas that had a shorter handle than their usual brushes. That was over 10 years ago. I still use the same brushes and they are perfect. Just goes to show if you take care of your things, they will last!
Shower & Hair 
1) Nivea In Shower Body Lotion – my new summer favorite. Just put it on in the shower and rinse!
2) Moroccan Oil Hair Spray – The place I get blowouts uses this and it smells so good!  
3) Frederick Fekkai Dry Shampoo – This stuff is pretty good. It came in my Target Beauty Box, I still haven’t found a dry shampoo I can’t live with out, but this will do the trick!
4) Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle Body Wash – one of my favorites from TJ’s! 
5) Peter Thomas Roth Anti-Aging Face Wash – Love this stuff! It smells really nice too. Gentle cleanser, but you feel clean! 

1) Mustela Restructuring Gel – I’ve been using this I had Miss H. It seems to work. I’m a big fan of Mustela in general. 
2) Body Shop Coconut Body Milk – If you want to be whisked away to the tropics, this is the smell for you. It’s like putting suntan lotion on w/o going to the beach. It’s like heaven!
3) Up & Up Skin Firming Bronzing Lotion – This does a double duty, keep me tan and firms it all up. Can’t beat that! 
So thats my semi simple beauty routine. Anything you use as well? 

5 responses to “My Beauty Routine”

  1. I love my Naked palate too!! I think I need to invest in those Mac brushes! I can't believe they have lasted 10 years!

  2. Hey there! I've heard a lot about the Smashbox BB cream, I need to try it next! I also love my Naked 2 pallete, it works for every look right?! I totally hear ya about the toddler, I have a 2 year old and a 7 month old, make up is a luxury in my house! haha
    Best Little Moore House in Texas

  3. I've been wanting to try a lot of these products! Your reviews are pushing me over the edge. Time to pick some inshower body lotion, TJ's body wash and mustela! Great post 🙂

  4. I totally use clinical strength deodorant too lol! And I agree on the dry shampoo, I haven't found one I absolutely love yet, I've been using that one from the Target box and I like it so far!

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