May 30, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend

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Happy Tuesday. It’s seriously the Monday-est Tuesday, ever….Right? What a busy 3 day weekend! We don’t usually have our dance cards this full, but we had a blast! On Saturday we headed out to the lake for the annual Innsbrook party. It was our first year going since it was the first year my parents have had the property at the lake. They had so many fun activities set up. Bounce houses, slides, cotton candy, barrel rides and more. The only thing that kept us away was the rain. We were set to get some really awful storms over the weekend and about an hour into the festivities the skies opened up and buckets rained down.  A little rain didn’t keep us down and we hung out at the lake house until it was time to head home for bed. Hattie was so tired she fell asleep at 6:30!

Sunday we actually had zero plans. We went to church, went for breakfast and then headed to Costco for a trip. How can you not get out of there under $100? Also, I can’t take Jeff with me because the cart seems to get out of control then! We came home with a new trash can this really cool outdoor decking material we put in the swing set – it’s pretty neat! We kept things fairly chill, cleaned up the house and had family time. Sundays are always family time and we keep it that way.

Sunday was also craft day! Popsicle was so sweet to send us these cute picture frame kits to make. Of course Hattie wanted to draw Trolls (All Trolls ALL THE TIME), so instead of finding a photo to use, we picked out card stock and colored.

They turned out super cute and Jeff took one to the office. He loves displaying toddler art.


Of course after crafts we had Popsicles! These Disney Frozen ones were perfect and just a day late celebrating National Grape Popsicle day. You can head over to Instagram to win a fun frame craft and Popsicle coupon for your own afternoon of fun! Thanks to Popsicle for a fun afternoon activity!


Sunday we hosted a little BBQ with our cousins. I love that Hattie and E are so close in age and they spend time together. It’s pretty funny how they interact. We grilled ribs, ate apple pie and it was glorious. We made plans for 4th of July and I’m excited. It’s the first year in many years that we won’t be throwing our big event, but it was time for a change. Change is good.

The girls had Popsicles again. Perfect for an after dinner treat. I also made my favorite bruschetta that is always a crowd pleaser!

The great thing about summer is we have no plans going forward. I’ve got Physical Therapy for a couple more weeks, Hattie has swimming and then we’ve left the days wide open. Hopefully we’ll be spending a lot of time in a pool, but it’s not quite warm enough for that yet! How did you spend your Memorial Day Weekend?


Disclaimer – Popsicle provided me with the craft and coupon for Popsicles and one for a giveaway. All opinions are my own. 

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