January 23, 2018

Birthday Party Fun with The Magic House

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As a winter baby myself, having your birthday in when it’s cold outside really puts a limit on the number of fun activities you can do, unless you want to celebrate your half birthday in the summer. When Miss H was born, she fell into two categories, a winter baby and she’d likely not have school on her birthday due to a national holiday. We’ve racked out brains every year since she has been born to go outside the box for a fun and exciting birthday party experience. You can only go to so many parties at trampoline parks and indoor gyms. They are lots of fun, though! This year though, we found our big winner with The Magic House!

We’ve been members of The Magic House for years (thanks Papa and Grandma!) and love going on a regular basis for all of the amazing member programs. When I was thinking of Hattie’s birthday The Magic House popped to mind as a great place for her age range, family friendly and bonus – warm and indoors! Booking a birthday at The Magic House could not be any simpler. As a mom who likes to do things all online, I was able to book her birthday party on their website easily. I just had to provide a few pieces of information, decide on the size of the party ( we went with the Big Birthday Bash), the theme of the party (we went with Fairy Tale, but there are five options) and then selected the date and time and I was set!

Here’s what’s included with Big Birthday Bash –

With the Big Birthday Bash you are able to bring in extra food if you’d like to. We actually brought in a cake and bottled water for the adults to enjoy since we had quite a few come to the party. We also brought some individual popcorn bags and applesauce pouches as extra snacks, but honestly the cupcakes were just enough.

No need to show up super early for set up. We arrived about 10 minutes before the party began and our staff who helped our party were so accommodating. Throughout the party they provided us with updates on next activity, asked our opinions and helped us get those perfect party shots. They were there to make our experience as enjoyable as possible, and they definitely delivered.

Our Fairy Tale theme let the children create crowns and tiaras with a variety of gems, stickers, markers and more. We moved on to making princess wands and everyone sat on the floor in the circle putting beads together for their wands. All of the staff members were right on the floor with the children helping with each craft. All very engaging and willing to help with anything.

We took a pause after wand making to sing Happy Birthday and let Hattie blow out the candles. We timed it so everyone could enjoy a treat at the same time. The final activity was to decorate cupcakes. There were so many different toppings and this may have been the highlight for all. Who can’t say no to extra sprinkles and chocolate chips!

The other thing I took full advantage were the Party Bags. The Magic House birthday party bags are available for only $3.50 each and include a color-changing cup, bubbles, a Magic House pencil and a buy-one, get-one-free admission ticket for another day of hands-on fun. I took advantage of this as many of our guests were not members and coupon was great for a future use. Hattie loves were color changing cup and we have drank out of it every day since her party.

Overall, this a was the most stress free party I think I have ever thrown. The Magic House truly has their party packages planned perfectly. 90 minutes is just enough time to get an activity, a snack and a sugar high to run through the house for a couple hours after.  It’s great that our guests got to have additional family time after the party and enjoyed a few hours of play after the party. I was told by a few friends it was a great chance for their whole family to play. I know my husband doesn’t go on adventures as much as we did and he loved going.

Thank you again to The Magic House for an amazing experience, Hattie already told me she wanted to have her party there next year. Bonus, there are so many party themes, we could do that and have a completely different party!


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  1. Jessica says:

    This looks awesome! We didnt become members til this year but it’s seriously one of Avram’s favorite places to go. He never gets tried of exploring there. Im totally going to keep this in mind for a birthday venue since February can be tricky as well. He has made us go visit the Lego exhibit at least 10 times now.

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