January 22, 2020

The Magic House: MADE for Kids Birthday Party

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This past weekend we celebrated Hattie turning 6 at The Magic House, MADE for Kids.

First of all, I can’t believe we have a 6 year old! Second, I’m so excited we do, because we had the best experience with a The Magic House, MADE for Kids Birthday Party! We have had birthday parties at The Magic House in the past, so I was again delighted by the level of detail and care at MADE for Kids! 

This was the first year that we invited Hattie’s entire class and if I’m being 100% honest I was freaking out the entire time! Winter birthdays can be so hit or miss, and I’m so glad the weather cooperated.  All of her friends could come and celebrate! We were excited because we love being the first to share new and exciting spaces for birthdays with you! Especially in the winter, you’re limited on spaces and room capacities. The thing I loved about MADE for Kids was that we had the room rental fee (only $50), but then we only paid for who was able to attend, which worked out if someone last minute couldn’t attend. Bonus, it’s only $5 to get in! 

Birthday Parties Made for Kids

The Magic House, MADE for Kids

So let’s talk about MADE for Kids. If you’ve not been to the newest space, you’re in for a treat. Located on Delmar near The Loop across from the 3rd Degree Glass Factory in the newly named Creators District, it is home to 7,000 square-feet of interactive space including a Makers Workshop, Artists Studio, Designers Lab and Entrepreneurs Marketplace. The space is just one level, so as a Mom I can see every corner of the space unlike the big house in Kirkwood. This space is geared for older children, ages 4-14. This was the perfect space for 5-7 year age range for the party. 

Made for Kids Review

Birthday Party Options

You have a couple of options for the party:

  1. Room Rental for 45 Minutes for $50. 

The room has a max capacity for 30 people. The space is the perfect size with 4 large craft tables, access to a sink, and refrigerator if necessary. You’ll be able to access the room 15 minutes before your party starts and then 15 minutes after the party for clean up. 45 minutes goes very quickly, so don’t over plan. You’re welcome to bring in anything that you may need – outside food is welcome. We had a cake, cooler with juice boxes and water and then some individual snacks. If you get there early, you’re welcome to leave all your party needs at the front desk until it is party time. 

Overall, I think 45 minutes was plenty of time for a quick craft, cake and then off to play. 

With the Room Rental, you will have to pay $5 per person to attend, also including parents. 

  1. Rent the Entire Space on Sunday Mornings. $400

Enjoy private playtime at The Magic House, MADE for Kids from 9:30 am to 11:00 am, plus a room to open presents and enjoy refreshments you bring yourself until 11:30 am.

Only available Sunday mornings, 9:30 to 11:30 am. 

You can book both options online.


Party Activity Ideas 

Since we had 45 minutes in the room, I picked up a few activities to keep little fingers busy while we waited for everyone to arrive to cut the cake. All of these activities I just set on each table and the kids could go between the tables doing each craft. It probably lasted about 20 minutes for everyone to do each activity. 


Since most of our attendees were kindergartners and totally into reading, we got a fun bookmark craft for them to make. These were a hit, and everyone wanted to make 2!

Sticker Pages 

Picked up these Make a Dinosaur and Make a Unicorn Sticker Sheets. Both were hits!

Sticker Pages


Sticker Pages

Slap Bracelets 

The DIY Slap Bracelet  kit was a huge hit. With washi tape, stickers and other stick ons, the kids loved making their own bracelets. Bonus, this comes with 44 slap bracelets! Remember when we were kids and paid so much for them?

SLAP Bracelet DIY

Party Favors 

I have a love hate relationship with party favors, but I know bubbles are always a huge hit! We ordered a case of bubbles online and made cute tags with a little note of thanks for coming. 

We also gave each child a $5 voucher to do an extra activity at MADE for Kids. This could include using the 3D Laser, Laser Printer, Pottery and more. Honestly, I think that is a great party favor in itself and continues the makers theme that MADE For Kids promotes. These vouchers are available for purchase when you book your party room. Hattie made a fun bowl and I can pick it back up in a couple of weeks after it has been in the kiln. 

Fun For All

After your it is up in the party room, you and your guests are free to hang out as long as they would like. We put an additional 45 minutes on the invitation, but honestly many stayed for hours after that! Hattie got to spend time with all of her friends exploring and using her thinking cap for activities. The feedback from the parents was that they loved coming and the experience and space was fantastic! Overall, very happy parents who attended!

Final Thoughts

Overall, we had a wonderful experience. The only thing I would have done differently is remind people who are attending the party that it is not at The Magic House and that it is at MADE for Kids. With this being a newer space to St. Louis, a couple saw The Magic House on the invitation and headed that way! Luckily, it’s only about a 20 minute drive between the two, but looking back, I would have reminded the parents who RSVP’d the day before.

Another thought if you’re looking to have a place for kids to come back to would be renting the room for 2 blocks of time giving you 90 minutes in the room. If you wanted to eat, then play, then cake, then play, that would also be a cost effective option for a longer party. 

The great things is no matter what time your party is, your guests are can stay all day to play! 


Thanks again to MADE for Kids for a wonderful Birthday Experience! I would highly recommend having your next party here or at The Magic House! 

Photography Courtesy of Dawn Kirby. 


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