July 10, 2018

Luxury Comfort at Home with Cariloha

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Thank you to Cariloha for the Resort Sheet Set. All opinions are my own. 


5 years ago we went on our 5 year anniversary trip and we took a Caribbean Cruise. It was glorious, fabulously relaxing and makes me question why we don’t just move down to the Caribbean permanently. I can’t say enough great things about that trip. We came home with 2 things from our trip 1) a positive pregnancy test a couple weeks later (insert all the ugly crying and excitement) and 2) Cariloha Sheets picked up in St. Maarten. Funny place to buy bedding, right? But totally worth it!


While I had to wait about 9 months for Hattie to arrive, I got to enjoy the most amazing sheets when we got home.  They actually shipped them directly from the store so we didn’t have to stress about getting them home. Almost made me want to get 2 sets! At that time, to us this was an extravagant purchase. We’d never spent so much on sheets, but to this day we are still sleeping on them.


They say that you spend about an average 8 hours a night sleeping, roughly a third of your life. That’s a ton of time to not be comfortable. We call them our summer sheets because they are soft and cool when we hop in bed at night. Perfect for the St. Louis summers. Cariloha sheets are made of 100% viscose made from bamboo and you’d never know it! This material makes them super breathable. We have both the Classic Bed Sheet set and we just added the Resort Sheet Set. The Resort set has more of a sateen finish to them, but still the soft and coolness like the classic.

If you’ve never had a bamboo sheets before, you just launder as usual, just don’t use any fabric softeners or dryer sheets. We love these wool dryer balls.

These sheets have held up incredibly well. Between a dog and a toddler who are constantly reading, snuggling and watching TV in our bed, the Cariloha sheets have held up with no issues. There may even be a coffee spill, and no stains! Bring your own bit of vacation luxury home with you and you’ll feel as confident as we did with making our sleep the best it can be!


We have some antique bedroom furniture, and we’re just ready for a change. We’re looking to do some updating in our bedroom here soon, but one thing that will be the same are our sheets. Thank you again to Cariloha to adding to our bamboo sheet love!

Have you tried bamboo sheets before?



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