July 25, 2017

Life Lately

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Hi there. Remember me? Well, I’m still here having a not busy but busy summer. Can you believe school starts for us in 2 weeks! I can’t even believe it. The past couple of weeks around here I’ve been on the struggle bus for healthy and puppy health reasons. Don’t worry we’re all fine now, just a few hiccups for us this year.

I’m so used to being the on the go mom and lately I struggle to get out of bed. I’m talking physically with my leg, not emotionally. I am almost 4 month post surgery and my leg is taking a beating. I completed 8 weeks of physical therapy for my drop foot. My back has completely healed. AMEN! They told me that it could take 12-24 months to potentially regain the feeling in my leg and foot. I’m impatient. I’m feeling a lot like Veruca Salt. I want it now. This past week the nerves regrowing have been painful and caused me to slow down quite a bit. I’ve had to say no to activities and heal. There is a greater plan I’m apart of and I know I just have to let time heal.  I’ve always been the one up for adventure or a last minute activity and lately I find us sitting home…a lot. Luckily it has been brutally hot, but I’ll take it. I tell Jeff I am so missing Pure Barre. If I could stand on my tippy toes, I would be there right now at 5:30 in the morning. Funny how things you get into you miss when you physically can’t do it. Perhaps it is a sign and I’m trying Cyclebar next week. I did bike warm ups during PT, so I’m thinking this may be a good alternative, I’ll definitely report back!

If you follow my crazy days on Instagram stories, you’ll know last week was not a good one in our house. Our dog was diagnosed with a severe bladder infection that moved into her kidneys. We ended up having her in the hospital for 5 days recovering. They then found a mass on her adrenal gland and were talking about end of life options. I can’t tell you how much I cried that week. I know there is the great divide of people saying pets are not kids, but they are family. Jeff and I got Riley when we first started dating. We told ourselves if we could raise a puppy, we could have a kid. And here we are 11 years later with a puppy and Hattie. We had a long discussion with our vet and determined a plan of attack and priority 1 was getting Riley back to fighting weight. She had lost about a lb, a lot for a 10lb dog and and we are working on that now. Her infection is clear, she’s starting to be perkier, but it’s hard to say if she’s more snuggly from being an old lady, the meds or still just recovering. They think the mass has been there all along and that it hasn’t caused any issues for her, but we’ll do a CT scan in a couple weeks once she is back up and feeling better. We are still working on eating, she isn’t digging her dog food, but will eat lunch meat and chicken and is taking all of her meds. Compared to when I saw her this time last week, it’s like night and day. Thank you for my prayer warriors who prayed for our sweet girl and our family for strength and healing. I know she’s got more life in her and isn’t done with her time here with us.

In good news ( I felt like a Debbie Downer up there!) I’m excited to share that I recently accepted a job blogging on a regular basis. We’re still putting the behind the scenes pieces together and I’ll be able to share more with you soon! Who knew that my little blog would give me a weekly gig? So much fun! Thanks for for helping me make my dreams of staying home with Hattie a reality.

In a way I’m ready for summer to be done. I always think about Grease when I think of going back to school. Time to start fresh, change it up and make some good changes. We have our annual 30A trip in September and I’m SO excited to be going to Houston in October to celebrate a birthday. I’m blown away daily by friendships and the most amazing opportunities that I come across because I tell my story online. You’d never know that some of your dearest friends are found through a computer.

Looking to August, I’m going into a 30 day health/fitness challenge and I’ll be back on the Keto Wagon. I did so well when I was on it, I just need to get back on the wagon. Anyone else feel like that? Do a quick back to school reset. I’m taking on some additional leadership opportunities for myself. I’m a little nervous about a big change I made this year and I hope that it works out for the better. I need to work on putting focus on gratitude, family, friendship and everything else will fall into place.

So that’s my quick, random, mish mash update on life.

How are things with you?



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