October 5, 2016

Kid Friendly Nashville Restaurants

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Have you ever accomplished something you are so proud of and then you get to experience that with your family? Well, this my adventure two weeks ago. The past two years I have been blogging and this year I had the amazing opportunity to treat my family to a 3rd vacation. I knew this would be different than anything we had ever done and memorable.Years ago before my Dad passed away he told me that as a family it was important to make memories because when the times get tough, you have something to look back on.

So this is what I did. I did copious amounts of research, booked a bungalow through VBRO, and told Jeff we were going. No plans, no activities scheduled – nothing. We planned to stop in Nashville on the way down and Memphis on the way back. I used social media along the way to help us eat our way through Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi.

Mainly because from St. Louis to 30A is 12 hours, we decided to break it up. Nashville was so much fun. We stopped at Hattie B’s so Hattie G could experience her first Hot Chicken.

We decided to stop there for an early dinner before we went to the hotel because we had promised swimming. We ate out back and Miss H was just so busy from sitting in the car all day. One thing I noticed – everywhere we went had corn hole games set up (you’ll see it in other pics later) Of course, we didn’t ask for the bags and just let Miss H play on them and as you can see she didn’t mind.




Onto the chicken – Hattie B’s was delicious. Good sweet tea. So good that I had 3 glasses and then I couldn’t sleep a wink. I had their classic chicken sandwich and the second level of heat. It wasn’t too bad from a heat perspective. The pickles were amazing and I paired it with pimento cheese mac n cheese. I don’t usually go for the mac, but pimentos – well that’s me EVERYTIME.

Overall, very happy with our first hot chicken experience!

The next morning we got up and went out of our way to go to Loveless Cafe. It was an extra 30 minutes the opposite way, but totally worth the detour. They are known for their biscuits and country ham, which is exactly what I had. We were worried that on a Saturday morning there could be a long wait. I had read up to 2+ hours. We took our chance and only had a 30 minute wait. The café is on a whole compound of their own little stores, more corn hole and fun things for Miss H to play with.







We got inside to be seated right when it began to rain and it was constant down pour until we left. Sadly, no photos from breakfast, it was way too dark. I had the classic country ham breakfast with red eye gravy, eggs and hash brown casserole. Jeff had the pulled pork omelet and he said it was amazing. Miss H had pancakes and they were to die for.
The other thing they brought out were their amazing biscuits and jelly. Miss H had 3 biscuits even before her breakfast came out. The jelly was amazing – but the best was the blackberry, which funny because none of us have a strong love of blackberries!


Overall, our stop in Nashville was delicious. We agreed if we went back, we’d probably do it the exact same way again!

What are some of your favorite places to eat in Nashville?

4 responses to “Kid Friendly Nashville Restaurants”

  1. Julie says:

    Told ya so on the Loveless Cafe – I would have married in that barn if we lived there/it was up here 🙂

  2. Hattie at Hattie's — perfect photoshot!

  3. Yum!! We love Nashville. Sole Mio & Firefly are two of my favorites but I think we're going to have to give these two a try on our next trip!

  4. Sara McCarty says:

    This is awesome! I love that you guys split up the drive. We always talk about driving down to Florida sometime, but the thought of 12-14 in the car is totally overwhelming. Love the idea of staying somewhere in the middle with a pool. Can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip – we've never been to Rosemary Beach, so I'm dying to hear how you liked it!

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