October 15, 2018

Hot Holiday Toy 2018 – Rocktopus

And Hattie Makes Three Rocktapus 4

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And Hattie Makes Three Rocktapus 6

Friends, are you thinking about Christmas yet? Man, I can’t even wrap my head around the fact that we’re in the home stretch of the year. I’m really on the struggle bus with a couple more gift ideas for Hattie, HOWEVER I have just found the perfect toy for her,  The Think & Learn Rocktopus.  While we’ve focused a lot on STEM learning (from Daddy & Mommy both working in the industry), this one gives her the opportunity to learn about musical instruments through math, music and games.

And Hattie Makes Three Rocktapus 4

What is Rocktopus?

The Think & Learn Rocktopus is a hands on way for kids to learn all about musical styles, musical instruments all while learning through play.  We’re talking future conductors and lots of bands forming from this fun. This hip guy has 3 modes that let you focus on math, music and games. I love that this gives Hattie the opportunity to learn more about different types of musical instruments and come up with her own style of music. She’s definitely heavy on the drums! She gets that from her Daddy.

Hattie loves to create patterns on paper, and putting that to sound has been really neat to watch. She’s listening cautiously to the rhythmic pattern to make sure she has what she is looking for. I also love that the Rocktapus even incorporates a little basic math with addition and subtraction. As a mom, I love watching the problem solving skills kick into action.  I also love the bright and interactive nature of the toy. It’s great to put away the screen and have a toy that will help focus on new learning skills. True story, I’ve say in there for hours with her playing Rocktapus. We’ve had a blast.

And Hattie Makes Three Rocktapus

Who is this good for?

Your little composer who is between 3-6 would love this. Hattie is 4 and has had a blast hopping in and creating her own music and feels challenged with new opportunities to learn. Overall, if you’re looking to increase your child’s interest in music and learning all while having a little fun, then this is the toy for you!

And Hattie Makes Three Rocktapus 2

Great Holiday Gift

This would be a great hands on gift for that little learner in your life. You can find it at your local Walmart location. If you’re looking for some fun hands learning, this is definitely the toy you’ll want.

And Hattie Makes Three Rocktapus

Overall, we’re big fans of Rocktopus. Creating new and exciting masterpieces all while encouraging learning and play are exactly what my daughter has loved. Have you added one to your holiday gift list yet?

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