November 7, 2019

Holiday Family Photo Inspiration

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After Halloween ends, I feel like we’re”officially” in The Holiday Season. One thing we do every year is Christmas Cards. I love sending them and receiving them. While I love sending them, I secretly love styling family photos even more. I’ve helped out so many friends with their photos, and it makes me happy when they wear what I suggested for their outfits. Now for me, I tend to focus on complimentary colors and pops here and there. A goal for myself is to always start with something for Hattie or myself and then build from there. The guys are usually the easiest – just jeans, blazer and a shirt. 

Over the years my style had evolved and I’m so grateful that I met Megh of Megh Christine Photography. She has been amazing with helping me execute some really amazing projects in the last year and has become such a great friend in the process. Here are a few suggestions on what to do when planing your holiday family photos and a look back at our fall photos over the years.  

Plan Early 

Book your session as soon as you can, or else you’ll end up with real snow photos like we did last year. Now I hate snow, but I honestly love how these photos came out. Megh was such a good sport, we did the photo on Main Street St. Charles and I just love how they turned out. I’d also suggest planning for the cold. Little ones don’t do well with cold, so pack warm blankets, warm drinks or something that will keep them from thinking about the cold! 

Switch Up Your Location

If you did a green background last year, switch it up for different colors. Try not to go for the same look every year. I like to change it up every year from a more natural to a more street scene. You have changed in a year, let your location and style reflect that. We did these photos at the Central Park in Chesterfield. 


Don’t Skip A Year

Sure, you may not feel your best, or not at the weight you want. No one cares. You’ll regret not having the photo to look back on. Just get in the picture and don’t forget to smile! These photos were taken at Broemmelsiek Park. 



Take Direction From Your Photographer

If you hired someone to take your photos, listen to what they say. A certain pose may feel awkward, but they know exactly what they are looking for. Trust them, trust the process. Also, find a photographer who is going to help you look your best. Great photographers will make you look look fantastic with their direction.  These photos were taking at The Foundry on Main Street St. Charles. 

Pop of Color

Don’t forget to add a pop of color to your photo. If that’s your background, an accessory, a fun skirt. Make sure to add something that will pop off out of the photo when you’re looking at it! These photos were taken at Quail Ridge Park – aren’t those yellow stunning?


Isn’t it fun to look back on your style and how much had changed? I love that every year is completely different too. Have you taken your holiday photos yet? 

Additional Photo Credit to Brooke Boyer Photography who also does amazing family photography in the St. Louis Metro area. 

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