April 1, 2019

His & Hers Spring Shoe Styles

Beckett Simonon And Hattie Makes Three

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Thank you to Beckett Simonon and Lifestride for the shoes. This post contains Affiliate Links. All opinions are our own. 

Beckett Simonon And Hattie Makes Three

If I had to pick a favorite season, spring would be it. It is the time for new beginnings and renewed energy in life. And, I love that spring is just 5 days after our wedding anniversary. It’s always a good excuse to get Jeff out from hiding as he is not on social media (he says I’m on it enough for the both of us).  This year we celebrated 11 years and honestly, it’s just flown by. While our love and dedication to each other has remained a constant, one thing that is ever changing is our style. While I wouldn’t say we’re the trendiest of people, we do like to stick with the classics in our closet and one of those classics are Jeff’s love of great quality shoes. One of is favorites are Beckett Simonon

He has a handful of their shoes and always comments on the quality and craftsmanship. We shared his love for them earlier last year.  This year, he decided to add another style to his collection – boots. At first I wasn’t so sure it was his style, but he assured me it would work. I have to say it’s a fashion trend he was right on. He went with the Gallagher Boot and I just love two tone of the sole. The brown pops so well against the black leather and gives it that extra layer of style. 

Beckett Simonon And Hattie Makes Three 4

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Because of his newer role at work, he has invested in more blazer and premium denim looks. I always give him grief because and call it his sales rep uniform. It’s casual, yet put together. He loves that all of his shirts and blazers coordinate. We’ve unexpectedly designed a capsule collection for him that he loves.

Beckett Simonon And Hattie Makes Three 2

As for my shoe collection, if you’ve followed me for any point of time, you know that I have issues with my foot from back surgery a few years ago. For me, I struggle with the ability to wear heels and still lack the balance sometimes with shoes. As much as I would love to be rocking 3 inch heels again, I find that lower, block heel options have given me the opportunity to feel a little more like myself. I love that Lifestride has options that help me staying fashionable and I don’t fall over. I call it a win a cross the board. The two tone sandal is perfect for so many spring looks, and I have a feeling I’ll be getting a lot of use out of them this season.

Beckett Simonon And Hattie Makes Three 4

Thank you to Beckett Simonon and Lifestride for the new spring styles. I always secretly love getting Jeff in front of the camera a couple of times a year even though he doesn’t love it. The price he pays being married to a blogger! I guess after almost fifteen years of being together, he knows what he’s signed up for! 

Have you added any shoes to your spring wardrobe yet?

Beckett Simonon And Hattie Makes Three 1


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