March 17, 2020

Game Time Fun with Goliath Games


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Attention Moms and Dads! Have I got a great line up of  gifts for you this year and I can confirm they are all kid approved! We recently had some of our favorite people over for a fun afternoon of games, cupcakes and more! With the help of Goliath Games and Pressman Toys, we had ourselves a ball! To give you a little bit of back story though, I’ll have to take you back to Easter earlier this year.

Hattie’s cousins always get her a little surprise in her Easter Basket and one of them was a Goliath Games game. I didn’t think anything of it, but then every day there were requests to play the “bunny game”. It helped developed her fine motor skills, her reaction time and of course gave us a lot of laughs when that bunny went flying. So when Goliath Games reached out for us to have our friends come over for a game day, well I knew it was going to be a hit!

The secret to a great play date? Don’t over plan, and don’t over think it! Believe me, in my  4 years as a Mom, I’ve learned the hard way. Kids just want to have fun! I picked up some yummy cupcakes from our favorite bakery, got some juice boxes, and a few individual prepackaged snacks and we were off to the races. Don’t forget your parent attendees either! We had buffalo chicken dip and drinks for them! The best parties are ones with no agenda. All we asked was for everyone to try each game and tell us their favorite!


We wanted all of our friends to get together before the crazy holiday season began. Hattie got lots of practice time in on the games before everyone came over, so she could share what her favorites were. More on that later. We had an afternoon of game play which included Shark Bite, Giggle Wiggle, Pop the Pig, Catch the Fox, and the big hit Doggie Doo.




First up Shark Bite. Each player takes a turn rolling a dice and goes fishing but watch out the shark might get you! This game is one of our favorites and requires no batteries! Easy enough to set up for little fingers. Big hit overall.





Pop the Pig – Did you know this game is the #2 best selling game in the past 6 years? Feed the pig until his tummy is so full he POPS! Helps with learning numbers and colors!


Giggle Wiggle was fun for everyone! Watch out, that caterpillar spins really fast. Probably best to play it on the floor so marbles don’t go everywhere! As an adult playing, this one was a little hard for me!

Catch the Fox – This hilarious games has you hiding chickens in the Fox’s pockets. When there are too many,  his pants come off and you race to grab the chickens! This was France’s Toy of the Year last year! We play this game often and no two game plays are the same!

Doggie Doo – Hands down, this was the hit of the party. Hattie has played this game for weeks now and asks every day to play it. The best part are the gassy sounds he makes! The giggles from everyone make it so fun! Wouldn’t it be lovely to have easy clean up like that with your own dog?



Hattie loved all the games so much, we decided everyone needed go home with their very own game! I told you earlier Hattie had some favorites, we sent half home with Giggle Wiggle and  half with the Doggie Doo game. We got so many fun texts and messages after the party saying how much fun they were having at home. I loved that everyone got to have family fun at home even after the party!


When you’re thinking of holiday gift giving, consider good old fashion family fun games. These don’t require much set up, easy to operate and fun for the whole family. I know we’ve already got a few under our tree for gifts for friends and family!

What game do you think your child would like?

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