May 23, 2016

Go Blog Social – St. Louis

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It’s official, I have my first ever blog conference in the books. It was a long and very fun day last Saturday at Lumen Event Space. I knew about Go Blog Social from a few KC friends and saw months ago that they were hosting a conference in STL! They event teamed up with Alive Magazine and the Midwest Influencer Network for even more activities before and after the conference. I was super jazzed because I always feel like when you leave a conference you feel energized, revitalized and excited about jumping back in. So, I bought a new notebook and camera lens, convinced a few other blogger friends to go with me and off we went!
The event space was stunning. If I was going to get married again (which I’m not) I’d totally want to do it here. Open, airy – just gorgeous. There were two areas – one the tables where we’d spend most of our time and then an upstairs area with lots of vendors and opportunities to connect with brands.

As someone who has been blogging in different niches over the past 8+ years, I know quite a bit, but one thing really stuck with me this time –

Have an Authentic Sense of Urgency

I loved this take away so much. There are days where I trying so hard to make my Instagram feed look the same or I’m trying so hard to whip out sponsored posts when they log jam. For me, this is what I needed to hear. I also got a few great nuggets about what to do with my sponsored content and when to decline sponsored content.

Of course at any blogging event, lots of opportunities for photos – because, duh bloggers! They were raffling off this crazy unicorn – but how fun is it? The other thing I had done while I was at the conference as had my blog reviewed by one of the top STL bloggers for feedback. We talked about that balance between sponsored and non-sponsored content and how to weave your story through it. Overall, great feedback.


City Block 23 Catered the event. it was excellent. They had a breakfast taco bar for breakfast, a yummy lunch – I finally got to try buffalo cauliflower. At the start of lunch, they brought out olive oil gelato in a frozen tomato cup. I mean, who comes up with that? But it was delicious!

Fruit sushi for lunch dessert!

Snapdragon Studio was there making flower crowns and for fun, I entered to win a Flower Crown Party and I won! How fun is that? So, I’ll be hosting an event in the next few months for 6 of my favorite ladies! So much fun!



Overall, my first blog conference was a success! It was a great experience, learned a lot, connected with brands!

Have you been to a blog conference before? Tell me all about it!

7 responses to “Go Blog Social – St. Louis”

  1. So fun!!! I wish I could have gone, count me in next time!!!

  2. Looks like you had a day full of fun + learning. How neat to have won that floral crown party!

  3. Oh so cool! A flower crown party?! Awesome!

  4. How fun!! I would love to hear more about some of what you learned! Were there breakout sessions? I went to Blog Her when it came to San Jose a few years ago. It was fun, and so exhausting. It was a huge conference with every kind of blogger you could imagine so it was hard to meet people in my same niche. I don't think I'd go to one that big again, but I would love to go to a more intimate one with bloggers more on my level.

  5. Looks like a great time! So fun that you won the flower crown party. Can I go? 😉 I haven't been to a blog conference, but I've always wanted to go to one. I wish there was one close to me, so I didn't have to travel a ways. I'm sure there is and I just haven't heard about it.

  6. How fun!! Your blog conference sounds amazing and yet so different from the one that I went to. I'd love to attend this one if it was ever in my area!

  7. Molly says:

    What fun! I was so bummed that I missed it. Hopefully I can make it to a blogger conference in the near future. So much cool stuff to learn!

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