March 18, 2016

Friday Five + Easter Basket Link Up Details!

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Happy Friday! Who is excited for the weekend! We are – weather permitting. It has been so gorgeous here all week, and this weekend is supposed to be chilly and potentially rainy. We’ve going to the Eggstravaganza at the Botanical Gardens, so hopefully, we’ll be able to get that in before the rain! I’m linking up with some of my favorite bloggers today to offer my Friday Five! – Here We go!

1) Gingham – Is it me, or is everything better with gingham? Carters has some amazing deals going on lately, and I stocked up on my favorite print for Miss H for this year and next. This little crepe dress is to die for. I wish it came in my size, and it is so soft! Miss H wore the leggings to the Butterfly House the other day and looked adorable.

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2) Anniversary Dinner – I mentioned earlier this week that we were celebrating our 8th Wedding Anniversary. We kept things pretty low key and went to Publico for dinner. It was amazing. They seated us at the table looking into the kitchen, so we got to watch the magic happen. It was so fun to see! Afterwards we went to Jeni’s for ice cream and had a great evening!  Also, I would totally go back and have 3 orders of these Brisket Tacos. Pure Perfection.

3) Butterfly House – Wednesday we went to the Butterfly House to see the Blue Morphos. They were gorgeous! We had a picnic outside and got quite a bit of play time in on the swings and slides.

Of course some nice lady offered to take our picture when the butterfly landed, and none of them turned out. Uncooperative Toddler. Also it was HUMID our hair went POOF! Miss H wasn’t impressed with the heat and kept looking for the door.  She just kept yelling PARK PARK PARK! I could have saved my $6! Oh well, we’ll try again!

4) Thursday Brunch – My dear friend Melea came into town this week for work. She works in the NY office for MasterCard and we used to do campus visits together. We had lots of fun. Anytime she comes to down, we always get together and today we got to visit and go to The Shack. Miss H did great. It is so fun catching up hearing all the latest updates about my previous life. It makes me miss work, but it also makes me appreciate how special this time with Miss H is. Who knows if I’ll ever go back to work full time, but for now, this is good.

Also let it be documented I curled my hair and put makeup on and did life as an adult. Apparently my cuteness rubbed off with our group picture, because this bottom one doesn’t have a filter, maybe just better lighting! LOL Side note – I totally bought this sweater when I was pregnant and I just found it. Bonus!

5) Treat Yo Self – For a while now, I’ve been wanting to get a pendant initial necklace with Miss H’s initial. I was super excited when the Kate Spade one I’ve been eyeing went to price match at Nordstrom for $40 and I jumped on it! They also have it in silver too, but the gold is perfect for what I have planned with one of my Kendra Scott Necklaces.

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6 – Easter Basket Link Up – I can have a six – right? Well, starting next week, I’m linking up with some lovely ladies for an Easter Basket Link Up! So com back between the 23rd-30th to share what the bunny brought your babes! Should be lots of fun!

So that’s where we are this week – have a great weekend!

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7 responses to “Friday Five + Easter Basket Link Up Details!”

  1. Meghan says:

    Cute sweater! And those brisket tacos look delicious… Happy anniversary!

  2. Jess Scott says:

    What a great week! Carter's is totally killing it for L…I was not a fan of their boy clothes, but I can't stop buying girl stuff!! That dinner – DELISH! Have a great weekend!

  3. Gingham is just the best!! So glad you all enjoyed your anniversary dinner! Love that floral sweater you found, super cute!

  4. Julie says:

    Not going to lie, I misread the restaurant name and thought you went to a supermarket that's called publix. Ha! Glad you had a great anniversary.

  5. Yay for finding that sweater! Looks great on you and I have that same Kate Spade necklace. Can't go wrong with green. Your comment about your two different looks in those pictures made me LOL. Lighting is such a funny thing 🙂 We're hoping to squeeze in some Easter fun before the rain tomorrow, too. Hope you have a great weekend!!

  6. Gingham is darling! I always think of Dorothy from Wizard of Oz and subsequently, the ruby slippers lol. Yay for the Easter basket link up!

  7. Yes, give me all the gingham! I just bought some new Pioneer Woman linens and she has gingham in her collection. LOVE! Those tacos look amazing. Hope y’all had a wonderful anniversary dinner. I am dying for spring weather so that we can play and have picnics! Glad you are getting to do that.

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