August 16, 2019

Friday Five Faves

Leopard Pajamas

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new friday five faves

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Happy Friday Friends! If you watched my Instagram Stories a couple of days ago, I mentioned I want to bring back old school blogging and offer up my Friday Five for you. For your newbie blog followers, before Instagram existed and you knew what we were doing on a daily basis, we used the Friday Five to share what we had been doing during the week, or the the things we loved, and over time and more in real time technology rolled out, it started to fade away. So I’m bringing it back, as we get rolling, I’ll be sharing other friends who are doing Friday Five for you to meet other amazing bloggers to follow too! Nothing wrong with going old school, right?

Okay, let’s do this!

Leopard Pajamas 

I’m sure like every other blogger, you’ve seen the infamous leopard pajamas from Target. I have to say, they live up to the hype. I’ve worn them almost every single day this week. So soft, so cozy, and I think I need another color. I linked all of the options, but I’m thinking black may be my next pair, and maybe a monogram on the pocket? Oh, I like it! 

Leopard Pajamas


Speaking of those Leopard jammies, did you see we have a giveaway going on? Last day to enter for a target and Starbucks gift card on Instagram! 

I also have a giveaway for 4 passes to Disney on Ice too – be sure to enter those!

Halo + Cleaver 

I love supporting local companies and one I’ve recently learned about is Halo + Cleaver. They have no sugar added sauces and rubs and as someone who is trying cut the sugar, these were right up my alley. Also, I don’t like BBQ sauce (I know, a travesty for living in STL) but I do love Carolina BBQ sauce – which is a mustard or more vinegar based sauce. I loved theirs, delish! They also offer a no sugar added ketchup, perfect for all of our kiddos who use it as a food group.  Halo + Cleaver was so kind as to offer AHM3 Readers 15% off! Bonus, get free shipping when you buy 2! I’m excited to smoke some pork for these rubs too! 



Tomorrow we are headed down to the Saint Louis Zoo for the #FeedABee Event and the renaming of the Bayer Insectarium! If you need additionl details about the zoo, see our full review. We’re members and love going! Be sure to follow along on Instagram tomorrow for all the buzzy fun! Here is a video from Show Me St. Louis that gives additional details! Should be a fun morning!


MayPop Coffee + Greenhouse

Earlier this week, I had an opportunity to meet a new friend for coffee and every time I go to MayPop it just makes my heart happy. Plants and Coffee. My kind of place.  Last month I picked up a St. Louis Experience guide and I’m going to slowly work my way through all the coffee shops in town. The booklet is $20 and gives you discounts and freebies to your favorite places. MayPop offered a free plant, so I brought this pretty little aloe plant home with me, his name is Earl. 

Okay, that’s all for this week – stay tuned next week for a full recap of Vermont and more! Have a great weekend! 

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