January 14, 2019

Friday Files – Volume 1

And Hattie Makes Three Christmas 3

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And Hattie Makes Three Christmas 3

Happy New Year, Friends! Wow, we have been so blessed this holiday season with a ridiculous amount of family time that this is the first week I’m officially sitting down to share with you all and give you some life and blog updates. While I love using Instagram to connect on a daily basis, I still want to make sure that I’m sharing here as well. As I’ve mentioned last year, this is a season of transition for us with H officially in school full days a bit during the week which gives me an opportunity to really focus on my content and what I share with you.

The hope, is that I’d be able to continue blogging and sharing with you once she goes to school in the fall. I’m not sure that a full time job for me would be the best fit for our family at the time so that I can help out with my husband’s travel schedule. My hope is that being able to continue to connect with amazing partners that we love and share with you will allow me to focus on this.

The Why?

People ask me all the time why I chose to share so much of our live on the internet. Easy answer. When I started this blog 4 years ago, I wanted an outlet to connect with other moms. Being a stay at home mom can be so isolating and really, I wanted a friend who was in the same season of life. Over the years I have made some amazing friends from sharing our lives on the internet. I’ve hopped on airplanes to fly to other states to spend time with these amazing people, even went on a girls trip to Disney! Believe me, friends don’t have to live close to you to love and care for them.

I like to think that I have a unique spin on the blog scene too. I always laugh because I don’t see many bloggers with just one kid. I’m a plus size lady and many of you relate to that on so many levels. I love sharing style and what works for me, and love seeing things I love on you!  Also different is being St. Louis, there aren’t too many St. Louis parent bloggers sharing all the fun going on, so I love feeling like I have a little bit of authority in the space! I love being asked what is new and fun to do around town! And lastly, I’m like the OG around here. I feel like I’ve got a few years on most of the bloggers around me, which honestly it A-OK with me!

And Hattie Makes Three Christmas 1

So where am I going with all of this?

First and foremost, thank you. Without you, I wouldn’t be able to do this. My goal rolling into 2019 is to continue to share with you food, fashion, our family and of course St. Louis events and attractions. I’m looking to start sharing more of our Amazon purchases (when it’s no buy January), favorite things and more easy and kid friendly recipes. I’m so excited that I’ll have the time now to really take a deeper dive into my long list of things I want to tackle in the new year.

What’s next?

Well stay tuned because I’m just getting started with 2019. I’ve got some amazing opportunities coming this year and I can’t wait to share with you. If it’s not a brand or a product that I completely love, you won’t see it here. As always, you know I’ll keep it 100% with you.

How can I get involved?

Like always you can follow me here, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and our new Group on Facebook! If you join in now, you can see what we’re up to with No Buy January and we’ll be converting it to all things chat and connecting. Hope you’ll join us!

Help me help you.

I am always looking for feedback on the type of content you’re looking for. Leave me a comment and let me know what you’d like to see more of this year !

Thank you to you again and here is to an amazing 2019!

And Hattie Makes Three Christmas

And Hattie Makes Three Christmas 4

Photography by the amazing Megh Christine Photography

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