September 4, 2017

Let’s Party – Avocado Style

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Growing up, we never ate really avocados. I just don’t remember it. Maybe it was the fact I wasn’t into food like I am now. Maybe it was a cost issue, I just don’t even know why. Since I never ate it, I assumed I never liked them, but as I grew up, went to college, my opinion changed dramatically.

When Hattie was a baby we did a lot of baby led weaning and one of the best options to give was avocado. She loved it immediately, and it soon became a weekly grocery item on our list.

We were so excited to share our love of avocados with our friends this past week and have a little fun in the process. School is starting, schedules are busy and it’s always a great opportunity to have your friends over for some fun, food and of course avocados!

This party wasn’t much different than our usual get togethers, but this time I incorporated 3 different avocado recipes. 1 that is my go to amazing guacamole (with tomatoes and peppers from our garden), 2 – a great recipe from Love One Today. A  chipotle avocado stuffed cherry tomatoes and  3- a new recipe I wanted to try a white bean avocado dip. Very similar to hummus. I had a helper in the kitchen because she loves anything from the garden and avocados!

Here are some fun facts about Avocados:

We couldn’t forget our littlest member of our team at almost 8 weeks old. I sent momma home with some super easy baby food recipes for when he gets bigger!

Our party was such a hit. All the girls loved playing in our backyard water park, snacking on yummy avocados and there even an unexpected avocado dessert – Avocado shaped Rice Krispie treats! How creative is my cousin?

Get more yummy recipes and more information about avocados at Love One Today.

How do you like to eat your avocados?

2 responses to “Let’s Party – Avocado Style”

  1. Jessica says:

    I actually really enjoy my avocados with a little swiss cheese… sometimes I’ll throw a tomato in the mix as well. I’m still learning with avocados–

  2. Julie says:

    Your pictures are so much brighter with the kitchen update 🙂

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