October 1, 2018

Drop 2 Pants Sizes with Forward Fitness

Forward Fitness 1

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If you’re starting to sense a trend around here, I’ve been talking a lot about new beginnings and setting myself up for success after a lack of self care. Moms are so bad about putting everyone before themselves, and now I’m starting from square one.  A couple of weeks ago I went to my doctors and we talked about my surgery and what next. We’re about 18 months post surgery and the likelihood of the nerves coming back aren’t very likely now. My neurosurgeon told me about 12-18 months it could come back. I have definitely regained a little feeling and it basically feels like when you’ve worn a tight sock and tight shoe for a long time and it all comes off, super stiff and tingly. That my friends is my foot 24/7.Forward Fitness

I knew that basically I had to figure out something to get back on track. Sometimes I believe you’re just in the right place at the right time and some one up there is looking down on you and enters Forward Fitness. I was invited to participate in a Drop 2 Pants size challenge with them for 8 weeks. When they first asked I said yes so loud and jumped up and down with excitement and then fear and panic set in.

Excited because this is exactly what I needed at that moment. I was ready to jump in and feel good and feel strong again.

Panicked because well, I am sharing that struggle and journey with you. I’m not the best with follow through and I can stick to a diet or exercise plan for about 10days and then find an excuse. I’m a great starter, not a good finisher. The thing I loved about the Drop 2 Pants Size Challenge is that if you do the work, everything is lined out for you. The team at Forward Fitness makes a gym setting not overwhelming and scary.

Forward Fitness 1

So let’s talk about the program. You have an initial intake meeting, talk about your areas of strength and weaknesses, talk about your goals, because really if you have  no goals,  it’s a no go! You had to find the why. My goal was saying “Yes to Me”. From there, you’re linked up to a private Facebook Group, have a meal guide, a journal and an accountability group to keep you in line. There are no silly questions – promise! Ask away, and everyone is cheering for each other.

Forward Fitness 2

I’ve officially finished 2 weeks of the program, and I’m feeling great. After my initial crying session in my closet, I decided to take the challenge day by day and workout by workout. We’ve had 2 weeks of semi-private training and I feel confident and stronger than when I first walked in the door. I know the moves, I know the proper positioning and this week I am headed to FIT Classes. I’m excited to try something new and watch the progress.

At the beginning of the program, I brought a pair of jeans from home that didn’t fit and we’ll try them on throughout the challenge. I’ve been told week 4 is when you really start to see some results. I’m half way there and can’t wait to see! Be sure to follow all the fun on Instagram and if you want a deeper dive, I have an accountability health & wellness Instagram page too, just not to bombard everyone with me working on my fitness.

I’m excited to share the journey with you and introduce you to Forward Fitness!

Have you ever done a fitness challenge before?

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