October 26, 2017

Floating 101 – Float Therapy for Beginners with Radiance Float + Wellness

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Sunday was a long time coming for me when it came to rest and relaxation. After the crazy week we had it was much needed, but it was also a bucket list item that has dare I say been “floating” around in my mind for quite a bit. #BadFloatPun As a mom, I’m usually pretty good about self care, and maybe a little more indulgent at times, but I was really looking for an opportunity to calm down, relax and recharge. Really, self care in a different way than coffee, shopping or getting my nails done. I was so excited when Radiance Float + Wellness invited me to come do just that. Floating has been something I’ve been interested in trying for about the past 18 months.  There have been a handful of float spas popping up all over town and I was ready to take the leap.

I’m typically a pretty claustrophobic person. I’ve had a panic attack in a MRI machine before. Let me assure you, this is not like that. As apprehensive as I was, I felt calm and perfect okay in the space. It was wide, open and really at any time if I got scared, I could just sit up. Luckily, I didn’t have to.

Here is a little more about Float Therapy –

Float therapy immerses you in a near-zero gravity experience at skin temperature, in an environment free of stimuli to help you escape from the stressors that your body and mind encounter on a daily basis and achieve a state of ultra-deep relaxation.

With 1000 pounds of Epsom salts keeping you afloat, and magnesium infusing your skin, our 60-minute float sessions promote better sleep, improve cognitive function, decrease inflammation and aid in pain relief. Our float rooms can also provide relief for chronic stress-related ailments, such as fibromyalgia, anxiety and depression.  We recommend it to almost anyone, from athletes to military veterans with PTSD to pregnant women who are cleared by their physicians to float.


When I arrived I was greeted and given a thorough explanation of what to do and left me to it. I stood there staring at this glowing blue tank a little freaked out, but I went for it. Once I got it, I just let myself acclimate to the space. It is nice warm in the room and you are only in about 2 feet of water. It’s amazing how you just float right on the surface. Once you are in, you’ll be able to hear soft music even with your ear plugs in and there are some light settings. After a set period of time the lights and sound will go out and you’ll be in darkness. Complete darkness. Total sensory deprivation.


I have a wandering mind. I’m always thinking and planning and overthinking, so for me this really made me take deep breaths to relax. I was able to quickly relax my arms and legs, but I felt like I needed to help keep the rest of my body up. Over time, that tension went away and I just floated without trying to help. I will admit I got ancy and opened the door before the 60 minute window, you really have no sense of time in the tank. I got about 55 minutes through and I was pretty proud of myself. I struggle with truly relaxing. I feel the need to be doing something at all times, so this was a good break for me. After a shower and amazing shampoo I did my hair and make up in the beauty room. They have everything you need from hair dryers, curling irons and more. I think if this was a regular activity I did, I could easily hop in, float and even fall asleep. Every mom can use a little cat nap, right?


After I was all relaxed from my Float Therapy, I headed into the Halotherapy room for a short session.

Here is a little more about Halotherapy –

Rejuvenate yourself and your breathable organs (lungs and skin) by simply sitting and breathing in our salt room. Our 30- to 60-minute sessions in our Halotherapy room uses aerosolized pharmaceutical-grade salt to help alleviate symptoms of asthma, bronchitis, allergies, skin diseases, upper respiratory disorders, eczema, and mental lethargy, stress and depression.

When you breathe in salty ocean air or salt vapors in a salt therapy room, molecules enter the airways of your lungs to break down and release negative ions. The negative ions stimulate the linings of your airways, clearing mucous while boosting your immune response to pathogens. When the negative ions reach your bloodstream, they are said to produce biochemical reactions that boost serotonin levels. And, the airborne salt reacts with the skin to resolve a variety of skin conditions.


If anything just looking at the gorgeous wall of salt was relaxing. I got to lounge in a zero gravity chair and have some quiet time. I focused on taking deep breaths and I really felt like it made a difference in my lungs after I left. Overall, it was quite relaxing.

Radiance Float + Wellness offers a variety of other services including an Oxygen Bar, Cryotherapy, Yoga and more. They even have Salty Yoga for kids which I know I’ll have to take Hattie back for. She loves Yoga! If you’re nervous about floating (like I was), they offer an assortment of relaxation and rejuvenation options to try. You just need to find what is best for you.

Join Radiance Float + Wellness in November for a few specials including:

Check out my Instagram later this week for your change to try Halotherapy on for free! Giveaway coming soon! Thank you to Radiance Float + Wellness for letting this first time floater feel at ease and learn to relax a little more!

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  1. Wow, this sounds super interesting and cool. I haven’t heard of it before. I need to see if they have anything like this near where I live. LOVE That salt wall!!

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