July 15, 2018

Five Tips for Outdoor Summer Entertaining with Kids

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Memorial Day was the official start to summer and one of our favorite things to do is entertain our friends in family in our home. More specifically our backyard. Jeff takes great pride in his yard and is pretty meticulous about mowing, mulching and the works. Since we’re deep into summer, I thought I’d share five tips we do every year to make sure our home is ready for guests  (especially kids) inside and out and with the help of  Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions we know that when the bugs are away we can play!

We love to be the house that entertains, especially with kids. We have a gated back yard, toys and a playhouse. We want friends to feel safe and know their kids are safe too. Here are some tips and tricks we implement to make sure we have the best gatherings possible.

  1. Outside Activities – Unless you like your air conditioning bill to go up with the door opening and closing, plan on an outside activity. We have an outdoor water inflatable water slide and a water table. Both are great for kids to get wet and have fun outside.
  2. Snacks – Plan some awesome snacks!  I especially love these Goat Cheese Strawberry Crostini for the adults and Beach Bunny Sand Cups for the kids!
  3. Hydration Station – With summer comes heat and humidity. Makes sure your guests are hydrated and feeling comfortable in the heat. Keep coolers of cold water, popsicles and more to insure the heat doesn’t cause any harm to a guest.
  4. Sun Protection – Keep extra sunscreen on hand. We have a small basket with a variety of SPF that we keep in our linen closet for hosting. You never know if a guest has a sensitivity to a brand or has a different preference.
  5. Schedule Rottler Pest & Lawn for Regular Visits –  While there are many things my engineer husband insists on doing, one thing he doesn’t skimp on is pest control. We’ve really enjoyed Rottler coming to our house on a regular basis to prevent ants, spiders and more from getting out of control. I can tell you from your first visit they are extremely thorough and detailed about looking in all areas of your house. Our very first visit, Tim, our specialist was at our house over 2 hours going through everything, in the basement, the attic. You name it he was there.

We talked a lot about our garden and talked about a plan to make sure the products that were going down would not harm our garden. He spent his time inside and out looking and potential pain points that ants or spiders could show up. We historically get ants in our kitchen in the summer, so he wanted to know where we’ve seen them.

Tim may have had a helper too. I can confirm, they are super sweet and kid friendly with even the littlest one scared of spiders. We’re at the age of SO many questions, and Tim answered everyone Hattie had. She was very interested in all the things he was doing to keep her safe from the spiders.

We just had our 30 day visit from our initial visit and Tim was out again giving us some great tips and tricks to keep the bugs at bay. He mentioned spiders and ants are now the biggest threat in the mid summer and he took a detailed walk through the house where he noticed cobwebs and set sticky traps before. He said he was very happy with how the month had progressed. We even set some preventative measures in place for the ants who weren’t in the house yet but on the patio.

Overall we’ve been very impressed with the high quality of service and level of detail from Rottler Pest & Lawn Care. We’re excited to partner with them and offer our readers a discount to keep your home perfect for summer entertaining.  Right now you can get $35 off your service with a full season program. Just select And Hattie Makes Three from the drop down.

Do you have a pest control plan for your home?

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