April 30, 2020

Finding Moments With Self Care

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If I told you I was thriving at this moment in time, well, I’d be fibbing to you.  Everyone is facing a new normal. There are days I’m the ultimate home school teacher, baker, and domestic goddess. Other days I just want to lay on the couch. I’m finding the balance of work, home school, life to be a lot. Quite honestly, I’m finding that my needs are falling to the wayside as I focus on my family. This month I decided I needed to implement some changes around here to ensure I was taking care of myself but also feeling like the old me. I put together a list of a few things I’ve been doing and maybe they will help you too.


This may look different to you now mainly because your gym may be gone. I’ve been doing at-home workouts with Obe Fitness, going for long walks, and play outside with Hattie. Moving is so important and helps my brain function. We also took a weekend and updated our workout room to make it more inviting to move. 

Get Dressed

Sure, I’d love to lay around in sweatpants all day long, but I don’t feel good doing that every day. I’ve been wearing a lot of my cabi Spring 2020 Collection and I’ve been loving so many of the pieces and perfect for Zoom calls! Heck, get dressed up! I did that the other day and wore The Ten Dress and put a little makeup on and my hair, and I felt alive. I’ve also been loving the Relax Cropped Leggings and the Relax Game Day Sweatshirt for hanging around the house. 

I’m so grateful to be a cabi Ambassador so that I know I’m feeling confident in what I’m wearing regularly. 

Make Your Bed 

Easier said than done. But getting in the habit of one small win in the morning sets the day off right. 

Create A New Routine

If your kiddo is like mine, she loves routine. Secretly, this momma does too. Setting a daily schedule of activities and goals have helped our house so much. We’re still sticking to the same bedtimes and we just wake up when we are ready to. Sleep has been one of those things we’ve all caught upon.

We created a schedule that hangs on our refrigerator that outlines when we have tv and tablet time. We stick to our Friday night movie night tradition. We have a game night on Saturday and watch church on Sunday. We have tried so hard to keep this schedule so that we’re all on the same page and it’s cut down on issues in our home.

Go For a Drive

I’m a lady who thrives on solo time. Lately, I’ve been playing online orders for pick up, so I’ll head out and go for a drive. I’ll roll the windows down, turn the music up really loud and just rock out. 

Text a Friend 

I have a handful of friends I text on the daily to check in with them to make sure they aren’t going to have a meltdown day. We all have them. Also, be a safe person for those people so when they are in that place, you can be there for them. I’m not one for phone calls, but texting connects us. If you don’t feel like texting, have a FaceTime Happy Hour, and just chat. I did that this week with a friend and it was so good for my soul. 

Step Away from Social Media

Yes, the queen of social media says put down the phone. Don’t compare yourself to the person who has mastered rainbow cakes or the person who is running half marathons or their house is  super tidy. There are two things I always tell myself – 1) it’s a highlight reel and 2)  I’m just not wired that way. You know what? That’s okay. I have greater strengths in other areas and I’m happy about that. Even as someone whose job is to work online, I need breaks too. 

Okay, so that’s how I’m hanging in lately. I keep telling myself this too shall pass, and we’re all together. How are you thriving right now? 

Photography by Megh Christine Photography 

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