November 21, 2019

Family Time During the Holidays

Panda Express Family Dinner 6

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Panda Express Family Dinner

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The holidays are upon us and that means the hustle and bustle and finding free time is going to start becoming difficult. I feel like our calendars are filling up with events and activities, and quite honestly, I can’t keep up. Anyone else feel like that? For me, taking a step back and setting priorities, not feeling the need to compare myself to what others are doing, and not feeling the need to keep up with the Joneses has really helped me focus on quality family time during the holidays. One of the priorities for our family is family dinner. It doesn’t matter when or where we are, we always plan to eat dinner as a family. Luckily for us, our friends at Panda Express have a wide variety of offerings that can satisfy everyone’s tummy regardless if we’re dining in or on the go. 

I thought I’d share some tips and tricks that I like to implement during this busy holiday season to make sure that stress is reduced and we’re all enjoying family time together.


Family Dinner

This may sound complicated, but it’s really not. In our home we always, 6pm dinner is a must. It’s always been our priority and we make it so. It doesn’t matter where or what we’re eating, we just make sure we’re all a meal together to share about our day. It is something that we look forward to, and all pitch in to decide on what we’re eating. Team effort! We really love Panda Express because they fit into our family dinner schedule so well. If we have an activity, we can eat out, or if we want a family night in, Jeff can pick up an order on his way home from work.

Panda Express Family Dinner 7

Did you know, Panda Express offers premium proteins, handcrafted sauces and fresh chopped vegetables prepared by skilled chefs using powerful woks? From my favorite dish, Orange Chicken, to more Wok Smart dishes and kid friendly choices, it’s a natural fit for our family. Hattie loves the “Shrimpies” as she likes to call them, and of course a fortune cookie treat. 

Panda Express Family Dinner 6


Okay let’s get back to some ideas for scheduling that family time. 


As moms, we think we have to do everything. Ladies, we don’t have to. If you can outsource tasks, or ask your spouse or kids to take on extra responsibilities, that can really lighten your load. I’m 100% guilty of owning all the responsibility. It is as easy as having your family pick up dinner, or take a store bought shortcut. It is 100% okay to do that, and we are allowed to ask for help! Don’t ruin the holiday fun by feeling responsible for it all. 

Panda Express Family Dinner 2

It’s OK To Say “No!”

Is your mailbox filled with events and invitations? Rather than stress over every one, pick your top 2-3 and add them to your calendar and decline the rest. Saying no, will leave you feeling less stressed and have more time for your family. Keep space open on your calendar so that you’re not constantly running from one event to another. Remembering to rest even in busy seasons is so important.

Panda Express Family Dinner 4

Family Traditions 

Make sure you have a few solid family traditions built into your holiday schedule. We love going to a local holiday light displays and Hattie and I always have a standing date for high tea. These are the types of traditions you can look forward to and plan around.  If you’re looking to stay home, have a holiday movie night or bake cookies. These are all things that make magical memories for your family and don’t require you to stress out! 

Panda Express Family Dinner 3

Panda Express Offerings

As I mentioned, we love adding Panda Express dinners to help with our scheduled family time. While Hattie isn’t a picky eater, your child may be and there are wide variety of options for the whole family. If you’re looking for a lighter option, look for the Wok Smart logo for items that have at least 8 grams of protein, and 300 calories or less. Jeff always tends to look for these items when he’s looking to make a “better for you” selection. 

Also right now, Honey Sesame Chicken breast is back, who doesn’t love it when a favorite makes a return? It’s made with antibiotic free chicken and the sauce has organic honey. It’s so good, you have to stop in to try! 


Hopefully I’ve given you some great ideas on how to spend more stress free time with your family at this time of year and made you hungry! With the holidays coming, let Panda Express to help you with your family time or fuel up to get ready for some holiday shopping! 

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What is your go to Panda Express meal? 

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