September 18, 2017

Eckert’s Millstadt Fun Farm

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I think I may have found my new favorite fall activity. No really, I’m serious. We’ve been going to Eckert’s Farms for years and years but never have we come to the Millstadt Fun Farm. Hattie just wasn’t quite big enough to really enjoy everything that the farm has to offer and honestly, we just thought it was another apple picking farm. Boy were we wrong! I thought we’d spend just a couple of hours picking a few more apples and then riding rides. No, we were there until almost 9pm! We could have made an entire day out of it!

So what’s so different about the Fun Farm over any of the other Eckert’s locations you ask? Well, you pay a flat fee for a ticket and everything is included. All the rides and attractions are included. There are a couple extras like camel rides, feeding animals and apple picking (like all the other farms), but other than that, it’s all covered.  There are tons of food options, you can apple pick if you want to and there are shows galore! This truly was one of those fun days where quality family memories were being made.

We arrived late afternoon and ready to see what everything was about.

When you get there, be sure to get a map. It’s was a great guide for us the entire time we were there. Also keep an eye out for showtimes. We knew pig races and the punkin’ chunkin’ show were on our list, so we planned accordingly.

All of the rides are kid friendly, and most you can ride with an adult.  I still have a hard time with my leg, so Daddy was the designated rider. Based on those smiles, I don’t think he minded one bit!


After a quick ride, we decided to run and pick some apples before we ate dinner and saw the shows. We hopped a quick wagon ride out to the fields.


These apples were gorgeous and abundant! We opted for Red Delicious, but there were a handful of other options to pick. We knew we wanted to pick quickly and get back for more fun.

It’s handy having a toddler around who is tall but lightweight and can pluck the big apples from high up! Of course, she thinks that is pretty neat too! We picked just enough for the week, and a couple to take on our vacation. With them being so sweet, I think I’m going to make homemade applesauce.

When we hopped off the wagon back, we had just enough time to put our apples in the car and head over to Apple Tree Mountain while we waited for the punkin’ chunkin’ show. You get a gorgeous view of the downtown St. Louis skyline, from an angle I’ve never seen. Crazy to think of the vast contrast between farm life and city life.

At 6PM it was the Jack-O-Lobber show with Uncle Jesse. I’m pretty sure this was Jeff’s favorite part of the day. After the show he stayed and chatted hydraulics and precision. The joys of being married to a mechanical engineer! You can see my Facebook Live of the last shot that was hysterical!

After the pumpkin show, we headed to the pig races and had some dinner. They’ve got all your favorites, hot dogs, hamburgers and Miss H’s favorite, apple cider.

Pretty sure we should have gotten a gallon of cider, because girlfriend drank two small ones on her own! This girl loves cider!

Another neat opportunity at the Millstadt location are the bonfire rentals and haunted hayrides. We didn’t take advantage of the hayrides because Miss H isn’t big enough just yet, but it was certainly busy. We enjoyed S’mores by the fire as it was getting dark. What a fun activity to bring your friends to as it gets colder.

We ended our evening with a few more rides. Hattie loved the jumping pillow and I appreciated that they separated the little kids from the big kids for jumping. Makes this momma happy!

No trip can be comeplete without a trip on the carousel and a selfie with Dad. We had such a fun time at the Millstadt Fun Farm. This will most certainly become a family tradition in our house. Rides, shows, apples. What more can you ask for?

Thank you to Eckert’s for including is in your fall traditions. You can get more details about the Millstadt Fun Farm on their website for tickets and times.

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  1. Crystal says:

    I really wish we had an Eckert’s here in Texas. We have something similar called Mainstay Farms and we love it dearly, but Eckerts has it beat by a long shot. The Millstadt fun farm sounds like such a good time. I’m glad you guys finally decided to go and loved it. Adorable pictures!!

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