May 8, 2019

Easy Mexican Street Corn

OXO Corn Peeler Review 3

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OXO Corn Peeler Review 2

I just love fresh corn in the summer don’t you? There is something about the sweetness and that burst of flavor that just reminds me of all the good things about summer. Usually we just grill our corn on the cob, but I recently learned about the OXO Corn Prep Peeler and it has completely changed my side dish game. 

OXO Corn Peeler Review

I love the classic spin on their Mexican Street Corn. You may even have most of the ingredients already in your pantry. I had 4 ears of corn for the recipe and was able to remove all the kernels in just seconds. It was quick, easy and did a great job of removing all the kernels from the cob. I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to maneuver. 

You can head over to the OXO’s Blog and get this recipe. 

OXO Corn Peeler Review 1

The OXO Corn Prep Peeler has a specially designed blade that quickly (and safely) zips through ears of corn, thoroughly removing kernels and leaving cobs behind. You can use the peeler with fresh or cooked corn. 

All OXO Peelers include

OXO Corn Peeler Review 3

Try this easy side dish at your next event and it is sure to be a crowd pleaser. The hint of heat with the cheese is the perfect combination. With the the OXO Corn Prep Peeler, you’ll be whipping up this tasty classic in no time.

How do you eat your corn on the cob?

OXO Corn Peeler Review 3

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  1. Julie says:

    Those recipes always look great until I see theres mayonnaise involved. Not a fan!

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