April 19, 2016

Easy Hummus Layer Dip

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When you become a mom who goes to a lot mom functions, you have to step up your appetizer and potluck offerings. No longer will a container of buffalo chicken dip do. I learned this lesson the hard way this past year as I’ve been required on many an occasion to bring a dish to share. Between my MOPs group and my MOLOs group, I was having to get creative about every other week. There are always the hits and misses, but there are some you don’t forget, and then people try to recreate it.

One dish that come to mind is my friend Erica’s layered Mediterranean hummus dip. It has everything you need to really have the perfect bite. Salty, cheezy, creamy -you name it. It got to the point where in my circle of Mom friends that this dish was made at every single event going forward and of course now I have my original spin on it.While Erica’s recipe calls for store bought hummus, I decided to use the new Bush’s Hummus Made Easy Kit to whip up my own version of her layer dip. My secret ingredient? Fresh roasted garlic. Doesn’t you mouth just water thinking of that? The thing I love about the Bush’s Hummus Made Easy is I can make hummus at home anytime I want to and not have to worry about how long it’s been sitting in the fridge. All I need it the kit, a can of Bush’s Garbanzo Beans, the garlic and a food processor.Easy Peasy.

Bonus – if you have one of the mini food processors, this is the perfect size for it.


Roasting garlic is super easy. Just cup the top of the garlic head off, drizzle EVOO, salt and pepper and make a little foil pack while baking at 400 for 30-40 minutes. If you’re making dinner one night, just toss it in the oven while something else is baking, I always keep extra on hand. In the case of this dip, I add a head of roasted garlic to the processor and whiz bang it up. Whiz bang is a technical term when it comes to using my food processor.


Now once you have the hummus made, spread it in a dish and top with diced tomatoes, olives (Kalamata or Black) and cucumbers, crumbled feta and a little drizzle of EVOO. Serve with fresh pita or veggie slices or go for it with a spoon, that’s what I do! Now, I don’t have exact measurements on the toppings, just add what you like. That’s the awesomeness of this recipe – it really isn’t one!  Just make sure you get a good layer of hummus as the base to hold all the yummy toppings.

Now the thing I love about this dip is that it’s mom approved, husband approved AND Hattie approved! I whipped up a batch this past weekend and had it as a snack for everyone who helped come build our swing set.

You can find the 3 different varieties of Bush’s Hummus Made Easy at your local Wal-Mart with the other Bush’s Beans. Be sure to pick up the Classic, Roasted Red Pepper and the Southwest Black Bean! How yummy would a hummus trio be for a party? I think I’ll put that on my list of things to do for my next party! So many possibilities!

So much hummus talk, I need a snack!
Tell me, what is your favorite flavor of hummus and how do you like to eat it?

5 responses to “Easy Hummus Layer Dip”

  1. Vanessa says:

    Seriously…YUM! I'm a roasted red pepper or garlic hummus kind of girl 😉

  2. This sounds amazing! I haven't had hummus in forever

  3. This sounds amazing! I haven't had hummus in forever

  4. Looks delicious! Scheduled to share on FB and Twitter!

  5. You never let me down with your recipes!

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