March 23, 2016

Easter Basket 2016

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Can you believe Sunday is Easter? Man, this year is flying by! One of my favorite things is filling Miss H’s Easter Basket Up year after year. This will be the 3rd basket she’s had, and I went big when I bought it. I absolutely love the Pottery Barn Kids Sabrina Basket and Liner (similar). I also have an Egg Hunt basket that I don’t mind getting messy, but this will be the basket she has till she moves away out of my house…so like 30 years!

This year, I wanted to get lots of fun little things for her basket. I spent a lot of time in the $1 Spot at Target. The stickers, chalk, necklace and bubbles were all goodies from there. Picked up Pete The Cat and Duck & Goose on Amazon. I was so excited when our next Cuddle + Kind doll came – Benedict! He’s perfect for Miss H’s basket and the perfect new addition to our Cuddle + Kind family!

Other than that, just add a few sweet treats – gummi bunnies and Kit Kats (her favorite) some tattoos and Bubble Guppies Undies – we’re halfishly potty training, so I think these will be a big hit!


So it’s time to share what is in your basket! Link up below, so we can all get some great ideas to add to this year or to save for next

9 responses to “Easter Basket 2016”

  1. Meghan says:

    We have the Sabrina basket too and I'm the same way… He will have this basket til he moves out. Then I get the cheaper character basket (that he loves) at target for him to use at egg hunts and I don't care if it gets wet or dirty. Love that cuddle and kind stuffed animal too!!!

  2. Love all the fun things! esp those bunny gummies, how cute. This link up is terrible – all I want to do now is go out and buy 17 more things for Aria's already full basket ha!

  3. I love her basket! Adorable. I found Cuddle and Kind back in October and knew I wanted one for Emmy. She got Chloe Bunny for Christmas. I should have waited for Easter. That would have been perfect. She loves the doll and I love that we gave back when purchasing. Those two books are our favorite Easter ones too. Great buys lady!

  4. We have the same basket and liner! 🙂 That little stuffed bunny is ADORABLE! I have never heard of that brand/website. Definitely going to check that out. Love all your basket goodies!

  5. Laureen says:

    I would love to get H's basket, love it all. 🙂 Cuddle + Kinds are the cutest!!

  6. Oh my goodness, that bunny is the best!

  7. Seeing those little undies brought me back to Kinsey's second easter when she got a small bunny purse filled with rolled up panties lol. Those PB baskets are like the gold standard so precious!

  8. Great finds!! I bet she's going to love those tattoos, new books and the pearls. Hope you have a really great Easter weekend 🙂

  9. Goose + Duck have some cute print + play activities to go along with the book. I included links to them in a recent blog post.

    Happy Easter!

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