November 20, 2018

Disney on Ice – Review

Disney on Ice Dare To Dream 6

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The Disney on Ice invited us to attend a Princess Filled Evening. All Opinions Are My Own. #DisneyonIce

Disney on Ice came to town with their Dare to Dream show. Can I tell you my little Elsa has the best time at the show. Now, the funny thing about Disney on Ice is that I just love watching the looks on Hattie’s face as her favorites come out onto the ice. We had the opportunity to go the show when they were in town last time and it’s a very similar show except Moana was swapped with Ariel. Perfectly fine for our house. I think this may have been the first time Moana had toured before.

Now, with the show at the Chaifetz Arena, there is really isn’t a bad seat in the house. We were house center and felt that really you had a great view of the ice everywhere. The show is wide enough and it definitely uses up the space well for all seats to see and enjoy.

The show starts out with a Beauty and the Beast extravaganza. All of your favorites are doing an abbreviated version of the movie. Of course Be Our Guest and more was played and the costumes were stunning!

Disney on Ice Dare To Dream 1

After Belle and crew, Cinderella arrived! The carriage was the show stopper and all the little girls were just mesmerized by it.

Disney on Ice Dare To Dream

Then Rapunzel and Flynn arrived and put on a hair raising show! (See what I did there?) They performed a stunning aerial act that had them high above the ice.

Disney on Ice Dare To Dream 3

And that was act one. There was a short intermission and then we dove right back in with the cast of Frozen. I’m pretty sure the sound level went up extra high when everyone (even dads) were singing Let it Go!

Disney on Ice Dare To Dream 4

One of my favorite acts was  “In Summer” by Olaf. I just loved the bright colors of the costumes and they had umbrellas! So much fun!

Disney on Ice Dare To Dream 5

Then we ended the show with everyone’s new favorite – Moana!

Disney on Ice Dare To Dream 6

Tomatoa was Jeff’s favorite, and I was just trying to figure out how just one person was in the costume! Definitely a show stopper. Just a heads up to any children that may be uncomfortable around bigger costumes, Maui had on a very large costume head.  It didn’t bother Hattie, but it could for other children. Other than Olaf, it’s one of the fully covered skaters in costume.

Disney on Ice Dare To Dream 7

Overall we had a blast! The show lasted right around 2 hours and included a 15-20 minute intermission. Be sure to bring your cash for snacks. Most of the snacks came with a souvenir to take home, so plan for that. Hattie came home with a crown with Mickey Ears with her Cotton Candy.  We also had the privilege of meeting Rapunzel before the show and dare I say that was the highlight of the day! Your little ones can definitely dress up for that added princess feel!

Disney on Ice STL And Hattie Makes THree

 I often get asked if it’s worth to go to Disney on Ice every time they come to town. I’d definitely say yes! There is a slight variation to the show each time. Just like movies your kids watch over and over, Disney on Ice is an experience they love seeing over and over. For weeks after we attended our first event, Hattie had so many questions about ice skating and if she could try it herself. Prices are affordable starting at $15 a ticket, so if it fits your budget, I’d definitely go if you can!

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