November 12, 2014

Disney Princess Halloween Costume Snow White 2014

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We were so blessed out of the craziness of a local mom group on Facebook to have found Brooke & Will.  I’m not sure how it happened, I may have put an ISO out and I had a note from Brooke. We were supposed to meet the day my dad passed. And even though we hadn’t met, I could tell we were going to be good friends.

Will was born early but was originally due the week before Hattie. It’s uncanny sometimes how similar they are. Sometimes if Will is mastering a new skill or sleeping poorly, we wait a week and H is doing the same thing! It’s pretty incredible. Having a mom friend with a kiddo the exact same age is the best thing in the world. When naps don’t happen, we joke. When new foods are tried we share messy pictures. It’s good.

It’s amazing how people come into your life for a reason or a season and for me, it was exactly what we needed.  Super bonus – Brooke has a photography business and was so sweet to take Miss H’s pictures for Halloween. Unfortunately, someone didn’t take good naps that day, but she still was oh so adorable.   We had big plans with dwarfs and apples – but it just didn’t pan out. They are still super cute though!

Here are a few of my favorites –






Halloween Costume is Disney Baby – from Costco. Even more bonus, it washed super well and we’ll be able to share it with another Snow White next year!

If you’re in the need of a fabulous photographer, definitely check out Brooke Boyer Photography. She does great work!


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